20% off Pink & White Videos at Blowfish and Good Vibrations!

by Jiz Lee on / Contests & Sales, Queer Porn

Great news! I just found out that all of Blowfish Presents‘ videos… which includes Pink & White’s videos because they’re our distributor… are 20% off for this weekend only!

And Good Vibrations is also having a 20% off sale on ALL their products, which includes their collection of Pink & White videos. New dildo anyone?

(Of course you can also find the DVDs at Babeland (an affiliate!), Smitten Kitten (though I don’t see the titles on their online store), Come As You Are, Good For Her, and Crash Pad and Crash Pad Series are bestsellers #1 and #2, respectively, at TLA Video. (Are there other stores? I’ll look into it but off the top of my head, these are some.)

What a great time to celebrate pride with queer porn!

Jiz Lee

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Ian Sparks

Yay! Yeh, Smitten Kitten hasn’t added our Couch Surfers to their site, though they sell it in the store and have had it since it was released. I’m beginning to think it’s the same FF filtering that Good Vibes is definitely doing now on the new site.

Jiz Lee

For all ya’ll wondering, FF is fist fucking.

Good Vibrations used to have a very strict Video Standards Criteria, particularly when it came to the website, because believe it or not, Fisting is illegal in some states. So, mailing a DVD to particular states would make the company subject to legal crackdowns.

Between 2006 and 2008, there seemed to be a calming of sorts, I dunno… maybe the government was too worried about Iraq to torment small business smut sellers and their love for either vaginal or anal fisting. (And for the record, footing, too.) However, with the recent example of Max Hardcore, it’s evident that the feds are at it again.

Unfortunately, the real losers in this dilemma are the people who practice, enjoy watching, and want to learn, about full-feeling sexual pleasure. The small companies (ie: queer) who quite regularly partake in fisting and and who actually consider it a normal act of queer sex, are forced to censor the activity. (Protect the mainstream! Heaven forbid they accidentally expose themselves to such… “aggressive”… sexuality!!)

And at the same time, mainstream companies are still producing videos that exploit teen sex, gang bang – borderline consensual sex, and least we forget, fetishize people of color. For some reason, all these are okay, despite the fact that they may actually cause more harm than consensual, well-documented examples of a proper fisting.

In time, the work of companies like Trannywood Pictures will prove to show the world that fisting need not be a four letter word. I’m optimistic that I’ll live to see the day. I mean, look at how taboo anal sex is/was and how many all-anal titles there are today. It’s only a matter of time before they cave in to good sex, and realize “how did we ever live without it?”… However in the meantime, we’re forced to do work-arounds. Sorry Florida.

Ian Sparks

I get confused by all this at times too. At EROS, FF also stands for Frequent Fucker, our visit 9 times and the 10th one is free, card. : )

We get DVDs from a number of mainstream gay companies, and about 1/2 of them include fisting, and about 5% of them have water sports….both of which are frowned upon by the courts. Quite often, the legalities of porn, are not clear (at all) in the law…state, fed or local, but are drawn out, case by case in the courts. So, a jury in one part of the country, or a judge appointed by Reagan, may make the decision that then affects porn content.


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