20% off the best dildos in the world!

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

Yes, you heard it here. My favorite dildo company, Vixen, makes some damn good products. I love them… often. Heh.

For a limited time, lesbian-owned and operated sex toy store Babeland is selling all their Vixen Creation products at 20% off. Go buy yourself a dick!

Here’s just a few of my favs:

Randy VixenRandy!
Hello Big Boy. This one’s for AngryDyke cause she’s a self-identified size queen. ; ) Five bucks says she either already has it, or has something bigger… sorry to pick on you Angry!

Tops off to Babeland for selling this dildo in black. Normally stores carry this one in purple. I don’t want to shame all the purple-lovers out there, but I think black dildos are fucking hotter.

Mr. Right Packer Mr. Right!
Don’t let the fact that these amazingly real soft packs kind of look like doggy-doo in this picture. HeeHee… They’ll look a lot hotter as an inviting bulge in your pants, and they’ll feel even better. I have one of these (the caramel flesh shade) and it is so easy to clean and pack and press up against… mmmmmm…

Spur Dildo The Spur
Folks who have looked at my “Toys” page will recognize this little cutie. It’s so perfect for age play… yes… I said that. And small enough to pack. It’s great for a good tease to all the size queens, or for a nice soft fuck. I love it.

If you like the look of the realistic dildo but want more size options, take a look at some of the other dildos — from Spur to Mustang, Bandit, Goodfella, and Outlaw, you can have it all! I love me some realistic flesh-colored cock.

See all Vixen Dildos at Babeland

Jiz Lee

2 Replies to “20% off the best dildos in the world!”


Nice.. 🙂

I probably have something close to that size I can’t really tell. I forgot all about Randy, which I should own since it is my name. I’m probably going to buy it the reviews make it sound like the best thing ever. I have to try it.

not too many people are into age play, I can usually get my partners to rock the boy scout uniform and that works for me.


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