UPDATE: Any purchase made after today (Dec 20th) will not be mailed until December 27th. (I’m out visiting family.) Happy Holidays!

2016 marks my sixth year sending special Karma Pervs erotic philanthropic holiday cards. Previous designs were created Jamee Baiser (see card), comic artist Erika Moen (see card), erotic embroiderer Alicyn Murphy (see card), and surreal sex in space with Eugenia Loli (see card) and fellow adult performer and multi-talented visual artist Ingrid Mouth (see card).

I’m changing up my pattern a little this year to introduce a new item by designer Jamee Baiser and a photographer I love, Ivana Ford. The two collaborated on some kickass pins that I’m adding to the mix and the card is Ivana’s original photo that became Jamee’s pin design. See below for ways to get both the card and the pin, as well as other gifts. In the meantime, here’s a fun peek at both…

Jiz Lee Holiday Card Pin

Five Ways to Get a Card:

1. Buy a Card

Buy a card directly from me for $5. (Or 5 for $20 and I’ll send them out early. Makes a great gift. 😉 ) Order here.

2. Buy my book, pin, or both!

UPDATE: Pins are BACK IN STOCK! Just 10 left.
Pin: Order an enamel lapel pin for $10. Order here.
Book: Order my book Coming Out Like a Porn Star and I’ll send you a signed copy with a card at $20. Order here.
Both: Get the pin AND the book, and I’ll include a card — all for just $25. Order here.
(Note: shipping is included for orders within the USA, however International orders are priced to compensate.)

3. Pay for Your Porn

Purchase a membership to CrashPadSeries.com or rent a film on PinkLabel.tv to help support my day job at Pink and White Productions. You can watch my videos — or hundreds of other brilliant queer and trans porn — while financially supporting new and alternative kinds of explicit and erotic video. Sign-up via the links here:

(Remember to email me at jiz@jizlee.com to show your payment confirmation, along with your mailing address!)

4. Donate, donate, donate!

I want most of all to encourage donations to support the organizations that in turn support our communities and make our world a better place. In the past, I’ve listed sex-positive and trans-focused organizations like the Center for Sex & Culture, St. James Infirmary, Scarleteen, Trans Lifeline, and the TGI Justice Project. These organizations are still very needed and appreciative of your contributions. This year, however, I’d like to encourage donations to time-sensitive causes that need our attention right at this moment, namely supporting those at Standing Rock protecting Lake Oahe and the future of uncontaminated water for millions of people.

Donate any amount $10 or more to any organization and email me the receipt of confirmation with your mailing address, and I’ll send you a card. (While supplies last.)

Or, donate to an organization of YOUR choice and if you’d like, please share why it matters to you in the comments!
(IMPORTANT: email jiz@jizlee.com a receipt confirmation of your donation, along with your mailing address.)

5. Go digital

Sign up for my e-newsletter to get an email with a digital image. Sign-up here!
(Of course, please also consider buying a physical card, buying my book, supporting queer porn, or making a donation. Every positive moment keeps us going!)

Wishing kindness and warmth this season, surrounded with support and love, and all the strength and resilience we need to keep going. Happy holidays and thanks for all your support!