3rd Base, and R&R

by Jiz Lee on / Books, Erotica & Anthologies

Off and on this week I’ve been sick. Nothing major, thankfully. Just a stomach thing, and then today I was out with what seems like a flu? General shitty achiness all over, plus sore throat and headache, nausea, etc… I’ll spare you the details, you know that being sick sucks.

Anyhow, on the sorta plus side it’s making me not work, which is really hard for me because I’m a workaholic and have about 7 jobs/projects all happening right now. I’m trying hard not to do them. Earlier I picked up the book Third Base Just Ain’t What it Used to Be by Logan Levkoff, M.S.  (You can find it at Good Vibrations if you’re interested.)

At the moment I’m 1/2 way into it. The book is a quick read, personally written from the point of view of a sex ed teacher (youth through college). The author shares commonly asked questions which are always interesting. Like most of us, my sex education was limited.  Awkward pieces here and there until I was in my twenties. How would our sexual identities have been different if we better knew our bodies while we were forming our own goals in our young lives?

I am using this book as a branching off point to reconsider some of my earlier experiences. Also, I do have younger keiki in my life and though I don’t see them everyday, I hope to be that cool older sibling to openly answer their questions about sex, gender, sexuality, etc… and maybe teach myself a thing or two in the process.

Alright, back to the book, and some more R&R.  : /

Jiz Lee

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