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AlphaFemmes from Anna Devia. Written & directed by Anna Devia / produced by C. Batts FLY ©2010 Anna Devia Productions, LLC


Anna Devia brings her latex-clad fetish femmes to life in her directorial debut AlphaFemmes, produced by the legendary Carlos Batts. Starring April Flores, Ashley Blue, Akira Raine, & Sarah Lee Sinful as the beautifully brutal Alphafemmes, along with Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Puck Goodfellow, and Cadence St. John as their submissive counterparts. Featuring 4 kinky & queer vignettes.

I met Anna Devia on the set of Dangerous Curves — the film by Carlos Batts in which April Flores, Syd Blakovich, and myself have a wet three-way in front of a waterfall — which also stars Kelly Shibari & CJ Wright, newcomers Art Nuveau & XRae, and a fire tassels performance by Lady Monster, shot on the beach at dusk. Dangerous Curves was casted by April and won “Most Deliciously Diverse Cast” at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards. Working with Anna on the shoot was fantastic, she’s definitely cool people, and she even let me where her toe-socks home!

So when Anna contacted me a few months later to ask if I would co-star with April in her new project about Femme Tops and butch/transmale bottoms called ALPHAFEMMES I was thrilled! It was a great opportunity to work with April again, and also to be a part of Anna’s new film, which is co-produced by Carlos Batts. I took a trip down to LA to shoot at a gorgeous modern Japanese home and garden which provided the backdrop for me an April’s scene.  Our shoot incorporated more of the aesthetic of the location than the other scenes in the film, in particular with April’s make-up and the use of sake and platform bed. I think these elements were done tastefully;  it’s nice to be on a set with people who are conscious about the styles/cultures they draw from. And it’s particularly nice when the home’s generous owner is there, continually offering me hot sake! Perfect on a rainy day with my beautiful doll April!

Another very cool thing about the shoot, is that April gave me a special gift. If you recall, I waxed/shaved all my body and pubic hair for April and Carlos to shoot Dangerous Curves. (See the picture of me on the waterfall rocks in the post I did about choosing pubic hair appearance called “Seeing the Forest Through the Trees“). I was happy to do it for the shoot, as I sometimes like to “femme-out”. In fact, I realized shooting with April was that I was her doll because she did my make-up and dressed me for the shoot. So for ALPHAFEMMES,  April decided to grow her public hair (as much as she could) for ME as a thank you for my shaving for her for our last shoot. Amazingly hot and sweet of her, and it means that ALPHAFEMMES is the only scene to-date where you can see a small bit of lovely fuzz on my doll April Flores’ famous mons, making this movie all the more special. (Actually there’s a lot of special things in the film, I learned, after talking to Syd and Puck about their shoots!)

ALPHAFEMMES ( is looking for a DVD distribution, as noted by Violet Blue (“ALPHAFEMMES and Porn Distribution“) and I sure hope it gets picked up and shipped out soon!

Alpha Femmes Alpha Femmes Alpha Femmes Alpha Femmes

Jiz Lee

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Essin' Em

I am SO excited to see this movie. Me-OW! It’s a whole different look for queer porn, and I like it. A lot.



It looks good to me. Don’t see why it would not get a distributer as it has various women of different appearences which should appeal to a wider market. Maybe this will be the first of a whole series. Who knows it could even win some AVN Awards if it is distibuted properly.



Oh. My. GOD! My brain can’t handle the hotness happening in the trailer. I’ll probably drool all over myself if I watch the movie. Somebody pick this up for distribution, now!


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