An Ode to E-Stim

by Jiz Lee on / BDSM

An Ode to E-Stim

E-Stim (Electronic Stimulation) is fuckin’ nuts! I’m reading up on the subject, as my partner somehow thinks I was a guinea pig in my past life. I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, you can check out the forums at Stockroom that discuss the toys, and purchase Electro Sex Toys.


Jiz Lee

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Well, well, well . . . guess who came up #1 in a Google search for genderqueer + e-stim? That’s right, I shoulda guessed it’d be you! 🙂

I remember reading this post before, but I wasn’t as intrigued by e-stim then as I am now; I’m researching like crazy and am probably way too scared of getting shocked/electrocuted for anybody to take seriously.

If you have some more in-depth stories, you should certainly share, especially if you have toys to recommend!

Jiz Lee

I think I will. I’d like to talk about the experience I had on my birthday with a local queer femme dom. We didn’t play with the Tens Unit though we did play with the Violet Wand (and various attachments) and also set fire on my chest and stomach with the wand. It was great.

I’ll try to post something soon about it. To be honest, the Violet Wand with its surface electricity was FAR less intimidating to me than the Tens Unit — I am afraid of electricity, which is part of the excitement.

I’ve been entertaining the thought of modeling for with my friend Princess Donna, though I’m not sure if it’s one of those fantasies that’s best left for my imagination…

You can see it has me intrigued. Oh, E-Stim… I’m E-Stim-curious!


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