I KNOW that you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to buy some queer porn. (How do I know this? Because I’ve been waiting too. Ha.)

Good Vibrations (GoodVibes.com) currently has a sale of 15% off all their DVDs, which happen to be some of the best hand-picked women-friendly (everything from friendly as in soft-lit romance to Belladonna/Sasha Gray/Kimberly Kane fierceness).

Here are the last three pornos I’ve seen, which are each available at GV. You folks reading this are bigger porn buffs than I am, really you are, so you might have some good GV recommendations for me! GoodVibes.com also has VOD for most titles so you don’t even have to wait for the mailman. (P.S. Sasha Gray will you marry me if —  California votes no on Prop 8 — We can masturbate and cry together. It would be lovely.)

Triple Ecstasy brokenInk Storm

And here are some that I appear in, if you have been waiting for an excuse to throw down for some porno with your friends.

The Crash Pad Queer Porn Shine Louise Houston Pink & White Productions at Good Vibrations Sex ToysSuperfreak from Shine Louise Houston of Pink & White Productions Queer Porn at Good VibrationsIn Search of the Wild Kingdom Queer Porn from Shine Louise Houston of Pink & White Productions at Good Vibrations