Art House with Madison Young and Syd Blakovich

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Crushes just released a photo set from Art House, Madison Young’s upcoming film. Last summer after shooting was completed, she wrote this about the new work:

“In my latest film “Art House” sexual revolutionaries such as Sadie Lune, Trouble Royale of and Twincest ( all were in attendance and collaborating on a major level. Twincest offered up a hot sex scene that referenced 70s feminist performance artists Yoko Ono’s “cut” piece and Carolee Schneemann’s “Meat Joy”. The performance art couple [twincest, as Jiz Lee & Syd Blakovich, as twincest] had sex over a bed of lunch meats while wearing long blonde wigs which they piece by piece cut locks of hair from as they jointly suckled on hot dogs and came in each other’s mouths while being sploshed with tomato soup, a sexual act we have now coined as being the “warhol”.

In another scene Shawn of Twincest distracts me by performing sexual acts as I’m being asked personal and prying questions by a Warhol like character who appears off camera played by the remarkable Sadie Lune. This scene references the Warhol film “Beauty #2″ which you can check out on You Tube if you are unfamiliar. Photos from the scene are now available at…”

And now some pics available for you for free! Trouble wasn’t there to capture the “Warhol” Twincest sex, however she did take *amazing* images for Syd Blakovich & Madison Young’s scene in the film.

Madison Young’s website and films can be found at and Syd Blakovich can be found at and (links to Syd – aka Shawn’s profile). Photographs by Trouble for No Fauxxx.


 Please consider becoming a member to, as it’s a great representation of photo sets and occasional videos of my friends and lovers having sex! It’s affordable and is perfect for fans of who want to see their favorite stars in even more queer porn.


Jiz Lee

4 Replies to “Art House with Madison Young and Syd Blakovich”

Essin' Em

Love for Syd’s shiny underwear. Makes me think of derby skinz.

Cannot wait for this movie. Lunch meat dams for the win!

Jiz Lee

Essin’ Em – Shit I forgot about Syd’s blue mankinis. She has a three-pack of those things!

Angry – I can’t wait to see it too. I sat in a chair and masturbated [stealth style] to their scene as it was being shot. It was very hot. For me and Shawn’s Twincest Warhol scene, we had a hard time keeping a straight face, it was hilarious to shoot. I want to see it really bad!

Cand86 – I’m curious if we’ll be introducing sploshing via the Warhol to a new demographic… just remember processed turkey is not an effective dental dam. Ha!


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