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Sweet! I was included in the Best Sex Toy Reviewers list, which makes me feel extra special after bit the dust. : /
It’s also a sweet boost to my site, because I don’t purely do reviews; this isn’t a review blog as many on the list below are. Then again, other pure review sites, such as the amazing, were not included in the list as it is focused on single reviewers.

I’d like to take the opportunity to honor a few of the companies who approached me about reviews, and who make excellent products which I always love to play with. My favorite toys come from companies who have fantastic business ethics and even better products. Included in this list are:

  • Fun Factory – Great Vibrators, from fancy to affordable.
  • LELO – Luxury Vibrators.
  • Vixen Creations – The World’s BEST Dildos –I’m serious.
  • Tantus Silicone – Dildos and Vibes operating under a seriously hot work ethic that is unparalleled in the sex toy industry.
  • njoy – Metal dildos such as the Eleven and the Pure Wand. Need I say more?
  • Nob Essense – Great Wooden Dildos and Plugs such as Fling and Tryst and Romp. Solid sustainable business model.
  • KinkLab – Great BDSM Products, very nice.
  • TwistedMonk – Love this company! Fantastic hemp rope in every color under the sun, and informative how-to videos!
  • JimmyJane – So hot. I covet their vibrator designs.
  • Aslan Leather – They make the Jaguar Luxe Harness, which is my favorite.
  • Outlaw Leather – Great line of sexy harnesses.

The best sex companies to support through purchasing the above products, though many sell items on their own websites as well, include:

  • – Great sex toys and Lesbian-Owned business
  • – Quality sex toys and education, queer-friendly shops.
  • – Kinky sex toys, informative podcasts, and they’re the distributor of Pink & White’s DVDs.
  • SmittenKitten – Ethical sex toys and superb advocacy for sexual health.
  • GoodForHer – These folks run the Feminist Porn Awards, one of the smartest things to happen in porn.
  • Stockroom (great kink company who runs Stormy Leather here in SF)
  • I am thrilled that Come As You Are is a co-op run store — and Cory Silverberg is a total sex geek babe.

Of the reviewers listed, I have my favs. I also have a pick of authors and folks behind the scenes who aren’t listed, like Cory, who contribute within the sex toy industry in ways that often go without credit: including Alicia, Coyote, Dr. Charlie Glickman, Violet Blue (www.tinynibbles.COM), Tristan Taormino, Metis Black (of Tantus) and many more. From this list created by Domina Doll (who is a fantastic reviewer who really “does her homework”) and Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek who has done an amazing job creating a community of sex positive bloggers through and many other projects, I’ve pulled out my top picks as people who create consistantly great content, put a lot of thought into their review, who write with great quotes in mind, and who I’ve read or watched for a while now and who inspire me. Others on this list are great and I look forward to reading more.

♥ My Top Ten from this list include: Essin’ Em, Domina Doll, J.D. Bauchery, AlwaysArousedGirl, Ducky Doolittle, The Porn Librarian, Lux Alptraum, Audacia Ray, Mollena, Trouble

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