Birthday Candle Wax

by Jiz Lee on / BDSM, Poly Love, Queer Porn

Can you tell I had a good birthday? I haven’t written a new post in quite a while. (Don’t worry, the next one will be worth it.)Recapping on my birthday week… briefly. I have to run soon and do an interview for a New Zealand MMA feature that my partner is in. I definitely don’t mind confessing my love for her on TV!Wired Pussy Donna and VaiThis week I got a very special birthday gift; a session with a dominatrix I respect very much in a beautiful dungeon in San Francisco. I’m going to be vague about her name as I’m not quite sure where to draw the line with discretion about her identity as a dom… I’ll let you know more info at a later date as appropriate. I just have to get something out there now, because it was amazing.I wanted to experience and gain access to a lot of things that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.We played with things like the violet wand, and I got to enjoy the fitting birthday pleasure of traditional spankings and fun candle wax play – that I got to ‘make a wish’ and blow out. I was held down on a beautiful bench with Bondage Opera Gloves. If you follow these links they’ll take you to, they’re expensive toys — part of the reason I don’t have access to them — but there’s great images and info to give you an idea of what they’re like. Stockroom also has a forum to learn more.Stockroom has a store in SF called Stormy Leather, which is a fantastic trip to visit and the staff is super nice. They sell’s hemp rope and also an anal hook that I’ve had my eye on ever since watching Princess Donna and Vai (from on scene. Mmmmm…

Jiz Lee

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1) Yay! I’m so glad you had a happy, cool birthday. I’m actually rather jealous. Nobody’s ever gotten me a a session with a dominatrix!

2) Speaking of you being dominated . . . any news on “The Layover” and Selina Raven?

3) That anal hook looks INTENSE.

4) Vai was on WiredPussy?!? Can’t stay and talk- must go buy shoot!

Jiz Lee

1. : D it was a great bday and I HIGHLY recommend dominatrix b-day sessions. It was amazing. I have a new love for ‘sensual sadists’. And candle wax.

2. You know as much as I about Layover. For anyone interested:

3. It does, doesn’t it? But it’s good to remember that it’s not weight barring. It’s more psychological… so perhaps the fact that it looks intense is a good thing! ; )

4. I KNOW I KNOW! She was actually on once before, too, but didn’t get to work with Donna like she wanted until this recent scene. It was great. She’s like a little puppy; she was so happy. She’s also going to be on Ultimate Surrender soon. I’ll post again when that’s up.


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