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In the back of a taxi cab heading to Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards, me and two of the hottest ladies of the adult industry made a pact.

April Flores, Courtney Trouble, and myself agreed to post a simultaneous blog at noon on Monday April 12th. Give or take a few hours. The blog posts will be our acceptance speech for our “The Back of the Cab I Love You” Awards.

Here’s our video:

In creating, nominating, and accepting the award, the three of us would have an opportunity to send a shout out to those we appreciate, to say what it is we want to express, regardless of the outcome of the Feminist Porn Awards we were headed to that evening. Which to our surprise, we all won! Courtney was awarded “Tantalizing Trans Film” for Speakeasy; April’s talent scouting won Dangerous Curves “Most Deliciously Diverse Film”, and she also was awarded “Heartthrob”! I’m thrilled to say I am featured in both Speakeasy and Dangerous Curves, and I also was so amazed to be awarded “The Boundary Breaker” Award! (In the company of April as well as Shine Louise Houston “The Visionary” and Tristan Taormino “The Trailblazer”!)

I poured my heart into the microphone for my my acceptance speech. I’ve decided to dedicate my “Back of the Cab I Love You” speech to April and Courtney. Here it goes. *Ahem…*

Wow! Thank you so much for honoring me with the “Back of the Cab I Love You” Award! I love you too!

I’d like to thank April Flores, and Courtney Trouble, without whom, this award would not have been possible. The amount of love I’ve felt for these two beautiful, inspiring women is out of control.

I was so excited that April Flores (she is my doll, and I am hers) came to this year’s Feminist Porn Awards; she has been such an inspiration to so many, and has done such amazing work — especially over the past year, which I was lucky enough to be a part of — that her attendance was really a highlight of the ceremonies. She was so articulate and such a force on stage at the screenings, where she showed Bordello, Behind the Red Door, and Dangerous Curves, and spoke about her consciousness and personal politics behind the porn that she creates. I was so proud of her when she was awarded “Heartthrob” this year. She really is, as Dylan Ryan says, full of “sunshine and sex”. She’s such a sweet and positive person, it feels amazing to be in her presence. Thank you April for inviting me to join you in movies, for sharing hot and fun sex scenes, and for being true to yourself and such an inspiration to me. I Love You!

Courtney Trouble is a driving force at the Feminist Porn Awards; she was on the panel last year where she said “queer porn is as difficult to define, as it is to ignore.” I have had the honor of being in so many of her films and living in the city of San Francisco with her, where I see her aside from shooting her movies — I feel so lucky to be in her life. She is brilliant and incredibly talented (she’s crafty and artful to a T!) and I think she’s as much of a muse to me as she’s said that I am to her. It was fantastic to shoot Speakeasy with her and co-director the legendary Morty Diamond, and to be witness to a new surge of transmen/transsexual male sex power and visibility. I knew then it was a momentous occasion, and one that will only continue to shape the diverse scope of Courtney’s art and her collaborations with others. We’ve seen a lot in a little amount of time and what better scrapbook to record it all, than via her smut. I Love You!

Thank you both, I raise my glass/fist/smile to you, and to continuing to be blown away by your power.

Read April Flores’s Acceptance Speech & Courtney Trouble’s Acceptance Speech.

Jiz Lee

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