Booty Bling – Crystal Delight Anal Plug Review

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

I recently received a very sweet email from asking if I would be interested in reviewing their Crystal Delight Plug. I don’t often do reviews for sites, however I do like quality sex toys and I was also intrigued by the interesting logo of their website, which struck me as being a little queer — the interlocking “male” and “female” symbol of gender diversity and it has been perceived at times as a transgender symbol, though now more often this is used. Regardless of the site logo, the toy looked rather nice and I wanted to try it out, so I agreed.

There are a few anal plugs which I love. NobEssence’s Romp is one, and now Crystal Delight Plug is another. But it hasn’t always been love. When choosing anal plugs you have to be attentive to the diameter of the narrowest part of the toy in relation to the flared base, otherwise you may run the risk of the toy accidentally slipping in. I learned this the hard way in a scene with Syd Blakovich and Micah Riot for Syd, who goes by Shawn on the site, was pressing ever so gently on the base of the glass “Ariel” plug I was wearing — something that feels great, like twisting plugs or teasingly pulling them out, however with the slope of the flare on this toy, my hungry ass welcomed the pushing. Before I realized what was happening, the toy slipped in and with some anxiety I was able to pull it out with a hooked finger. We all breathed relief and continued the shoot.

So when I took a look at this glass plug, my mind immediately thought to check out its dimension and design. And it looks good! This was reaffirmed when it arrived; in my hands, the toy is a great size (it’s approximate 5″ length will appear bigger than person than it does on the site) and has a skinny stem (1/2″) and a nice wide base which is ever slightly wider than the largest section of the insertable part (1 1/2″). Not only is the base happily safe for my hungry butt, it is very nice on the eyes. The plug came in a sweet black pouch, complete with a little glass trinket (not really my taste but I imagine a lot of customers would like it), a few (chocolate!) condoms and the best part: boy butter water-based lube. Personally, I think ALL anal sex toys should be shipped with lube samples. Extra goodies were a great touch, but the plug is the real shining winner. Quality smooth Pyrex and a cool crystal color of Aurora Borealis which makes a beautiful ass jewel — booty bling!


I read on the site that the crystal set in this plug is a bonefied Authentic Swarovski Crystal… I’m no crystal expert, so I looked up Swarovski (“swore-off-ski”) and have to say that I’ll just have to take their word for it. Gracy the Squirrel caught my eye; it kind of looks like she’s holding up the kind of crystal that’s set in the plug. (Gracy retails at $75; Crystal Delights weighs in at $79.98).

Gracy’s cute and all, but definitely not anal safe… I choose the pretty butt plug!

Jiz Lee

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