Brass Tacks: Purveyors of Radical Effectiveness

by Jiz Lee on / Goals and Ideas

It’s nearing tax time and I was just reminded of my friend’s business called Brass Tacks: Purveyors of Radical Effectiveness. They offer personal finance services including individual filers tax preparation and support services for businesses and non-profits. Check them out at

From their site: …Brass Tacks was born to provide accessible financial and organizational support services to individuals, community groups, and businesses doing good work, with a respect for our radical roots.

We offer:

  • Financial management and tax filing for individuals
  • Accounting systems set up, cleanup, implementation and training for cooperatives, small businesses and nonprofits
  • Consulting for democratic workplaces to become more functional, create accountability, and be more effective

We believe in whole communication and in facing challenges with a fearless clear-eyed approach. We believe collaborative ventures of all kinds demand joy, caretaking, fun, practicality, and fierce honesty in order to be effective. We have a vision of sustaining a workplace that embodies and promotes these values. We are purveyors of Radical Effectiveness. Let’s get down to Brass Tacks.

I know  more than a few businesses who could benefit from these good do-ers. Let’s spread the word, and get those taxes in on time! And, I’m going to see if I can get some nice graphic banners to add to my blog — perhaps you’ll want to post one as well!

Jiz Lee

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