Buck Angel’s PSA Videos & Queer Health Resources

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Some of you may recall Transsexual Male Porn Star Buck Angel‘s “Public Cervix Announcement”, a viral video campaign he launched to promote sexual health, particularly among the trans male community. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now:

Just recently, Buck was in Toronto visiting Drew DeVeaux, a friend of mine*. She was invited by Buck to appear with him in a new version of the public service announcement; this time focusing on the prostate and sexual health, particularly among trans women. Drew just updated her blog so you can read about her experience and thoughts about the shoot and health conscious performers in her post PSA with Buck Angel.

These videos promote sexual health for everyone, especially members of the trans and genderqueer community. They ALSO open many people’s mind to the fact that gender is not the same as sexual genitalia. For example: women can have prostates and men can have a cervix. And we all can love and respect our bodies to be able to take care of these parts.

The videos suggest that if you’re interested in making an appointment with your doctor you can contact your nearest LGBTQ Center. I wanted to also share some resources I’ve come across. The National Center for Transgender Equality has helpful links including listing the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association where you can find your nearest LGBT friendly medical provider from their database. And if you’re interested in alternative medicine, Berkeley’s Ohlone Center has an outline on their site with Holistic Health for Transgender & Gender Variant Folks. Good Vibes also has a Prostate Sex Toy Section, for healthy sexual fun. Here in San Francisco, I love Lyon-Martin Health Services — Karma Pervs fundraiser benefits Lyon-Martin this month! I also value St. James Infirmary, a health clinic for sex workers of all genders. And of course if you have any questions about sex, you can contact San Francisco Sex Information Hotline/email. Even if you’re outside the Bay Area.

Thank you Buck Angel and Drew DeVeaux for putting your butts on the exam table and your sexy faces on camera to inspire health for all bodies.

*Drew’s a friend, and a powerful performer. You can check out her upcoming Episode on CrashPadSeries.com, and stay tuned!  Drew and I go toe-to-toe with a porn newbie for a threeway in Courtney Trouble’s upcoming film to be released soon!

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