I held the camera and got to perv out on James Deen and Joanna Angel (back when they were a couple). What results is a different kind of porn scene — fapping from my point of view, plus an angle of videography that includes the male performer’s expressions as evenly as it does the female’s. (No headless man syndrome here.) Fans of male sexual expression, and James Deen’s at that, will enjoy this unique view as much as I did. Note: this scene has no interaction between James and myself (Maybe one of these days… ) except for a brief moment when I hold the shaft of his penis like a dildo to “assist it” penetrating Joanna.

Description: Jiz Lee loves to watch me and James fuck! So they grabbed a camera and filmed us fucking… they were the best kind of camera operator: NAKED! And then they fucked me too! It was definitely a good day for me. My life is awesome!

Stars: Jiz Lee (POV), James Deen & Joanna Angel

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