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SWELLCon: Sex & Media Video Conference

by Jiz Lee on / Gender, Sex, Queer Porn

SWELLCon is a free, online video conference that presents a number of videos on the topic of sex and media.

One of the videos is CRASHCOURSE: How to Create a Comfy Environment on Set by Jiz Lee and Shine Louise Houston. Shine and I collaborated on this video, which details some key ingredients from the work that we do on the set of where I work on set as Production Assistant, helping talent during shoots. While there’s a lot more to be said about the various elements that make for a great experience for everyone involved in a production, this video is off to a good start. CRASHCOURSE is an upcoming Pink & White project, with more in the works. 

CRASHCOURSE: How to Create a Comfy Environment on Set by Jiz Lee & Shine Louise Houston

Feminists talk about the virtues of “ethical porn,” but how does one DO it, exactly? From a production standpoint, several factors combine to ensure a sex-positive and respectful experience on set. With performers AND crew in mind, these steps help to create one of the fundamental elements of an ethical production. Pink &White Productions founder and director Shine Louise Houston and performer/production assistant Jiz Lee detail the specifics of an ethical environment in producing porn, including: communication and consent, performer care, safer sex, boundaries, gender and language in directing, and much more. With over eight years of award-winning production and performing experience on indie and mainstream sets, Shine and Jiz come together to show how a comfy environment can produce a knock-out porn scene that everyone can be proud of.

Note: There are clips from the set of in this video which shows naked performers. This video is meant for viewers who are 18 years or older.

About Swellcon: Media has an enormous impact on how we view and engage in conversations about sex and sexuality. We see this on a daily basis at The Smitten Kitten in the way our customers communicate with us, in the ways in which we engage with them and our broader community, and in the broader perceptions of our work and the industry as a whole. Erotic media can be a tool for social change while also furthering sex negative culture and stereotypes. Whether it is a porn film, a book of erotica, or sexy illustration, it is clear that erotic media is abundant and has impact. This year Smitten Kitten is turning 10 years old. In honor of our birthday, we wanted to create something that would be accessible to all our friends and fans regardless of where they are. We have created a video collection entitled Swellcon that could be viewed by everyone for free. All the videos were made by amazing folks who make the sex industry and the field of sex education better. Our hope is that these videos will inspire, create conversation, and celebrate good work.

If you’re interested in participating: Submit a Video.

Browse all the videos at

[Update: SwellCon has since expired. JL 06/2017]

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Doing It Again: Support Tobi Hill-Meyer’s New Trans Woman Porn Project

by Jiz Lee on / Gender, Sex, Goals and Ideas, Queer Porn

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Though he may have not been thinking about pornography when he said it, the message most definitely applies to sexual expression and visibility. It’s been my motto, in porn and otherwise — it’s a matter of being pro-active and creating positive experiences for a happy and healthy life. While being critical of something is valid and important, when we take an active part in helping to make change we can alter the path for ourselves and others. Sometimes we have to do it ourselves.

(And if we can’t do it ourselves, we can support those who can!)

I want to share one of the Kickstarter projects I’m supporting, an erotic documentary by my friend Tobi Hill-Meyer that weaves together explicit scenes and interview footage from trans women and their partners. Tobi did it the first time with “Doing it Ourselves: Trans Women Porn Project“, and now she’s Doing it Again (kickstarter).

Tobi’s kickstarter has not only met it’s initial goal, but it is now only moments away from reaching a new level of funding goals — and this part applies to genderqueer and non-binary people so you know I’m particularly excited!

Find out more about the project on Kickstarter and check out the Casting Call if you’re interesting in doing it, literally.

Please consider funding and sharing it with others, today!


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