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Happy New Year!

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Karma Pervs

Introducing this year’s Karma Perv Holiday Card image… created by Eugenia Loli and based on a photo of myself and galactic porn star Justine Joli by Ellen Stagg! Thank you, Eugenia, for your out-of-this-world design.

Thank you everyone, for supporting my passions, for paying for porn, and for donating to sex-positive, kinky, eco-sexy, queer and trans-focused non-profit organizations. Through the card’s donation drive, we raised a total of $1,629.65! Mahalo nui loa for making the world a more pleasurable place. Here’s to another trip around the sun.


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Get on my list! Karma Pervs 2015 Holiday Cards

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Karma Pervs

I’ve been home visiting family and therefore I’m a little late announcing this year’s special, limited edition Karma Pervs Holiday Cards. Have no fear! I’ll be back in California and will mail them all out on Monday morning. [UPDATE: I’ve got a few cards left, so I’ll keep sending them through the end of the year or until cards run out. Email me for info:]

This year marks my fifth year sending cards. Previous designs were created Jamee Baiser (see card), comic artist Erika Moen (see card), erotic embroiderer Alicyn Murphy (see card), and surreal sex in space with Eugenia Loli (see card).

For the first time, the cards were designed by a fellow porn performer! A total hottie with ridiculously good looks and creative wit, meet INGRID MOUTH. Ingrid’s design is regal, dark and twisted. Here’s a tiny sliver of a sneak peek… to be revealed when the ball drops.


Five Ways to Get a Holiday Card:

1. Buy a Card

Buy a card directly from me for $5. (Or 5 for $20! What a deal. 😉 )
(Email: to arrange payment.)

2. Get my book!

Order my anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star by selecting the “Buy Now” PayPal button, and I’ll send you a signed copy along with a card! Order here. (Already own it? Order one of these related books!)

3. Pay for Your Porn

Purchase a membership to or buy minutes on to help support my day job at Pink & White Productions. You can watch my videos or hundreds of other queer and trans porn performers while financially supporting the production of new videos featuring diverse sexual cinema. Sign-up via the links here:

(Remember to email me at to show your payment confirmation, along with your mailing address!)

4. Donate for a Good Cause

Make a contribution of any amount over $10 to a sex-positive organization. Here’s a few recommendations:

All of these are located in the United States and are tax deductible. Or donate to an organization of YOUR choice and let me know why it rocks you in the comments!
(Remember: after you donate, email a receipt confirmation along with your mailing address.)

5. Go Digital

Sign up for my mailing list to get an email with a digital image. Sign-up Now!

(Of course, please also consider buying a physical card, buying my book, supporting queer porn, or making a donation. Every positive moment keeps us going!)

2015 marks my tenth year on this wild porn adventure. Can you believe it?!
Happy holidays and thanks for all your support!

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