The Episode with me and Dallas is out on Those of you who watched it can see that we had a LOT of fun.

Here I will admit that it’s true: I have fun during sex. I like smiling and laughing, and being a complete goof, and trying new things even if they’re silly.

Hello, did I really just pull on those arm ropes like they were puppet strings? Yea, that was me. And now it’s on the internet. Oh geez… I can’t hide it any longer.

Sexy Dork

I’m officially coming out as… a Sexy Dork.

The good news is, I may not be alone. Are you a sexy dork too?
Babeland  gave me permission (because they’re cool like that) to host contests on my site where I can award sex toys to lucky folks at my discretion. Sweet! This year they turned 15 years old — making them the longest running lesbian/female-owned sex toy store on the planet! High fives!*

So, I’ll choose a winner who comments about the following: Describe a “Sexy Dork Moment” from your experience, and share as much as you like about it. Was it funny dirty-talk? A silly decision that makes you laugh out loud later? Let’s have fun with sex again; sex is fucking fun.

What you get: I don’t know yet! It’ll probably be a swanky vibrator or some other cool kind of sex toy. I’ll email the winner with details. When is the deadline? I don’t want to wait around for ever, and I will likely come up with another contest idea so fast. So let’s say the deadline is next Friday, Oct 10th. Ready, Set, Share!

Just one rule: You can’t be shy. Have sexy dork pride!

*See, I’m totally getting into the dorky spirit.