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June 2009 marks the 2 year anniversary of, which just so happens to be releasing it’s 50th Episode this weekend.

Here’s a sneak peek:

In celebration of 2 years of hot sexy queer porn, I’m giving away a video of the website’s 4th DVD compilation, generously provided by Blowfish Video ( Volume 4: Rope Burn (on sale NOW at

Queer Crash Pad SeriesWatch a clip on this Fleshbot review – just the intro of me and Dallas, what a tease! Watch teasers of all the scenes in this free trailer.

So, assuming everyone’s of legal age… you know who you are… here’s how to play in the give-away.

What to do:

1. Watch the clip above of the Sneak Peek of Episode 50… did you notice what the hitchhikers’ sign read? Hmmm…

2. Write a comment below and let me know some of YOUR favorite sexual euphemisms or sexy slang. (Going South, Mounting, Ooofing, etc…) Talk dirty to me! ; )

3. I’ll choose the one that makes me think between my legs. The contest is over when I say so. You can come comment as many times as you like!

Jiz Lee

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I am rather word-obsessed, so quite often, the phrase or terminology used can, in itself, make or break the deal. If aforementioned wording does not feel–TASTE–good in m’mouth, or have favorable connotations, I can emotionally recoil like y’would not believe. So, I have always found that having the right arsenal of euphemisms to be imperative, sexually speaking.

When it comes to the adjacent activities, I cheekily use “frotting,” and although this derivation (and its origin, “frottage”) is not particularly enjoyable to say, I find it makes up for mouth-feel with sheer waggishness. Any day of the week, though, I favor “grinding”–it insinuates prolonged pressure, friction… I think of grit or bared teeth, clenching fists, tensing muscles. (It also does not hurt that it reminds me of gears [a favourite object and symbol], which reminds me of a favourite lyric “…watching the gears as they move just reminds me of bodies in motion, the sweat and the sound.”)

A play-buddy of mine has always been a charmer, and usually uses “needs a good seeing to,” but I cannot begin to describe what it does to me when his eyes pin mine and he tells me that I am “gagging for it.” Verily, that is how it feels: panting open-mouthed, tongue lolling, almost desperate with hunger. If someone were to tell me they thought I was gagging for it, soon enough I most surely would be.

Although obscure, “get your leather stretched/stretching the leather” could not be any more delicious–the one-two punch that is the promise (hope?) of being so manipulated, overlaying the insidious olfactory memory of worn leather–I literally writhe in anticipation at the very mention.
On the other hand, we have the conventional but effective “screw,” “hammer,” “nail,”–and, to lesser extents, “plow” and “pump”… Whoa, what is it with me and tool references? *laughs* All corporeal, no-bullshit, straight-forward. “Pound” definitely fits with that crew, being such a strong, solid term–once again with the implicit forcefulness. (Patterns? What?)
As simple and innocent as it sounds, “play” quite makes the rounds. But then again, I am just far too eager and excitable, and really, occasionally don’t we all need a phrase that bounds enthusiastically out of us to likewise invigorate another?
I have not heard “ring” (to ring, ringing, we rung) used often, but it rather tickles me–I think of resonance, of something soundly hitting home; which, when combined with the sexual aspect, sends me a-wiggling.
“Slapping” is more than self-explanatory (especially to YOU *laughs*); it conjures up a synesthetic symphony, and stirs physical memories in more than one arena.

“Mounting” cranks my engine to a roaring V-8, and when I am in the midst–especially when up to m’knuckles, between wet thighs–“rutting” (pushing bodies past exhaustion, indistinguishable forms straining, thrusting and writhing) drives it far, FAR past home. Both of those are rather animalistic, which… MNF. Yis please and thank you.
Vaguely related, “riding” always bring to mind the motion of hips roundly, fervently pistoning. Pleeeeasing. *singsong*
Also vaguely related, to “throw a leg over” and/or “lift a leg on” and/or “get a leg up on;” certainly not massively preferred, but should be included, if only for the imagery they invoke.

In the end, I do not think you can go wrong with “fuck/fucking.” It is so… full, substantial, robust, RIPE; it fills the entire mouth, and is more than satisfying just to say–like “cock” and “cunt” (my favourite genital euphemisms–so much so, that I use no others). Even hearing it uttered as exclamation, or in anger, I clench, spasm. What can I say? I like words with weight, with heft. And the fact that it is used as the mother of all obscenities just adds to the seat-grinding, honestly.

Although I rarely share this term with others, the word that absolutely rules my sexual interactions–with m’self or others–is “CONSUME.” The text strobes red-white-black, rough and deafening in m’head, behind (and, in the truly transcendent cases, in front of) my lids, further arousing, inciting, galvanizing me. I get the feeling that most people would find that odd, if not downright creepy, but… Desire IS hunger, to me, and the more visceral the sentiment… The more -true- and innate it rings in me. So, yis… “consume/consuming.”

Boy howdy, if I am not the most verbose creature. *colors* Oops.

(Not to sound terrifically clichéd, but I am a -long- time admirer and reader, first time commenter. As an aside: THANK YOU for being so… unendingly BEAMISH. Your energy–through text, film, photos–is absolutely striking, and never fails to thoroughly captivate and inspire. I find you simply… Resplendent. So… Thank you for sharing. It is always an IMMENSE [and intense, for that matter] pleasure.)

Jiz Lee

I’d have to agree!
Lola wins with a comment that’s “hard to beat”. (Get it? haha….)

Okay Lola I’ll be passing along your contact to our friends at Blowfish Video.

P.S. Don’t let this stop anyone from continuing to post more phrases, etc…

I love “oofing” a word we used back in elementary school. It puts a soundtrack to the image. 😉


No fair! Im taking all the heat because I dont believe no one wants to compete against Lola

well, im mad because I cant have my birthday fuck, but i CAN, however, be on this site 🙂

its so easy to turn me off with words, like, its ridiculously easy.
Once, while me and my ex were having sex, she was top. And though I understood the sexual tensions and frustrations (we were long distance) there was no excuse in the corniness in her words. She told me she wanted to “fly right in [my pussy]” and I tried so hard to hold this laugh in, but DAMN could she have chosen words any more perfect to ruin this moment. Needless to say, I failed with my attempt to hold my laugh in and soon enough, burst out laughing. And the more angry she got, the funnier it seemed and I had a ten-minute laughing attack and got NO sex..

(so Im almost certain I wont win this contest but whatever.) = FAIL!

TOP: Sometimes words ARENT what turns me on. Sometimes LACK of words turn me on. Like if we’re around alot of people and her facial expression/tense body posture – those eyes that say ” Fuck. Me. ” THAT turns me on so much.

Im a Gemini so everything depends on what I’m feeling at the moment..

Sometimes I like to be verbally-sexaully assaulted.
I like to be grabbed by my strap. Like at a club when everyone only
THINKS shes leading me by the hand.

I like to be told to “push it deep”, while grippin the waist of someone who can take everything thrown at them…
Ive been told, “stretch my ass as wide ass you can” by a girl who was throwin’ it back at me like a boomerang…ass cheeks EVERYWHERE..

(I just realized how easy it is to write sooo much on here…)

BOTTOM: (which doesnt happen much, but i like it) when Ive participated as bottom, i have used “slippery” – as a casual part of conversation, if I dont want everyone else to know what Im talking about..kinda like a safe word but alert them that I want and need to be fucked, or “banged”. While getting “banged” “worked” or straight up “fucked” , I dont do the “oofing” but I like teassing.. I like to be made to WANT it/NEED it…I enjoy foreplay and the cunning conversation that comes with it.
I’ve used “please me” – but only when she worked my pussy so much my back was arched and forming an upside-down “v” and my toes were curled so much I couldnt move my legs much afterwards because of a constant charlie horse. As a bottom Im very verbal and I LOVED to be smacked on the ass while being fucked… I think the actual sex says alot too..because the times i HAVE faked it, was dead giveaways:)

I have never “ridden” before…there are alot of things I need to be turned on to..

😛 CUM: I dont like to be told when to come. I dont like to be asked constantly if Im coming–then I feel like Im being rushed..It may take awhile, but when I come I CUM! Im like a machine, it just continually gushes out, whoever had to clean that up BETTER be expecting quite a mess. Coming is an amazing thing and I curse like no other, I bite, I grip anything and everything in my path. Usually, my back rises up, my pussy muscles tighten, and this is when I completely have no verbal words for the way Im feeling. If your—>the persons(typo) head is between my legs, I grip hair. If they are level with me, I scratch backs. And if they are not touching me, I gaze at that person, usually not romantically, but in a daze (as I get the feeling Im floating) and as a warning… CUM! Its like in the movies, right before something major happens and all the moments leading up to the climax (hehe) are in slow motion…thats how it is before I cum…then I come so hard it feels wrong and violent (hence, occasionally I curse) – but nonetheless AMAZING!

Okay, tata now Jiz.
p.s. why on earth were you using “oofing” in elementary? early start huh? 🙂



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