DigiRomp kiss and tell

by Jiz Lee on / Crushes

I recently discovered DigiRomp, an erotic lesbian social network that kicks ass WAY beyond any other network. It’s like if you took the best of OurChart.com, Facebook/Myspace, and the Lexington Bar, and crammed them all into one beautiful pussy. You’d get DigiRomp.


DigiRomp Lesbian Social Network

Image from DigiRomp. Yes, femmes. Yes other identities, too. [And maybe they’ll expand their gender/orientation options a bit? But it’s a GREAT start!]

The site has blogs, diaries “aka VERY explicit erotica, yum”, and also photo/video uploads. It’s on the cutting-edge of technology — you can even upload a video directly from your ipod touch. DigiRomp is adult-minded, and loves queer porn, so it gets extra brownie points from me.

Least I forget, the creator is hot as hell, too. She’s gorgeously geeky and you get to watch her uploaded video tangents recorded as she was creating the site.

I created a profile, and look forward to reading more juicy diary entries. Maybe I’ll post a video or two. What do you think?

Jiz Lee

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Yay, I got wind of it from Fleshbot’s post. It truly is awesome! And I love that even as it’s just gaining ground, it already has a Crashpadseries banner and a post about Pink & White. I’m truly loving it!


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