Adult Films

Want to watch? Find my favorite movies through the links below. Paying for porn keeps me going, and encourages more opportunities in alternative visions in adult films. Through these sales, I’m able to keep this website active as I work behind the scenes at Pink and White Productions. There’s a CrashPad fan who likens her porn subscription to that of a museum membership or C.S.A.; she values the product and takes pleasure in knowing she is supporting our work. I appreciate this perspective, especially as a performer who has had the pleasure of participating in well-crafted erotic films and think of my body of work as a sort of video scrapbook that documents my personal sexual evolution. Bottom-line: this is one of the best careers I’ve had and I want to keep doing it for a long time. Become a porn patron and put your wallet where your passions and politics are!

Best three places to find my films

1. Jiz Lee on

CrashPad is my queer porn home. The original film (The Crash Pad, 2005) contains my debut porn scene and its ongoing website features many scenes with co-stars who were real-life partners and crushes that are among my favorite performance experiences. [Browse]

2. Jiz Lee on

My “Jiz Lee’s VOID” studio on includes trade collaborations with performers like Valentine, Wolf Hudson, and Danni Daniels. The site offers videos “a la carte” to rent video-on-demand or you can enjoy a generous membership program that’s a lot like if Netflix had indie adult films. [Browse]

3. Jiz Lee on

For ‘mainstream’ examples of my work, HotMovies has almost all the big studio stuff such as Evil Angel and Burning Angel (not related, heh), Digital Playground, Vivid, and more. I prefer viewers go to them them rather than free tube sites. Of all the big porn sites, HotMovies is fairly respectful in terms of their category descriptions and tags, which can often be a turn-off for marginalized audiences. [Browse]

If you’re looking for a specific project, or if you want to order a signed DVD, please contact me. Please note that I do not do custom videos at this time.