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Another sex toy review that was scheduled to go up on OurChart is for Fix Thigh Harness by Outlaw Leather. You can read more about how I’m honoring those sex toy reviews on my previous post about the layoffs at OurChart. It was provided courtesy of, one of the best sources for sex toys and hey, it’s queer-owned to boot. This is the last review on the cue for Babeland, though if something special strikes my fancy, I’ll be sure to share it with you here. I like to mention them from time to time anyhow so it’s definintely not the last you’ll see of them on this blog. Anyhow, without further ado:

Sex Toy Review: Getting a… Fix Thigh HarnessThe Fix Thigh Harness from Babeland image from Itsy

I’m a lover of harnesses and have quite a collection. I can get off through fucking when wearing a harness and I enjoy the sensation of fucking from the hip, so to speak, just as much as I do with my mouth and hands. That said, I’m into the idea of thigh harnesses, and any toy that allows for alternate sex positions to switch up the sexual routine, or create possibility for folks who might be limited due to ability.

The Fix Thigh Harness is an aesthetic wet dream come true for fans of leg straps. This harness is the Lara Croft of strap-ons and it screams LAPDANCE.

Outlaw Harnesses have a keen since of style and the Fix is no exception; it looks about as hardcore-hot as it feels, with sturdy leather straps, a generous (and interchangeable) O ring and customizable D-ring buckle straps that fit almost everyone. You want the specs, I’ll give em to ya. It fits as small as 19” upper thigh with a minimum 9.5” lower thigh; and up to 38” upper thigh with an up to 30” lower thigh. Customizable because straps can be cut to length simply with a par of house scissors. A tip for folks on the smaller side like me; there is a curious buckle on the main strap that may make you think it will not get any tighter. If your thigh is slender, just fold the buckle and slip it in length-wise and you’ll get a tighter more secure fit.

So, snug fit secured, the Fix stays in place and makes for a fun thigh to crotch grind for the receiving partner on their back or knees, though the most comfortable position would be the wearer seated and the fuckee straddling on the lap. (A chair without armrests is best, and even the edge of a low bed mattress is great.)

Slip a bullet vibe in the slit, or if that bullet vibe is a little far from reach experiment by adding a silicone vibrating cock ring to send evenly paced vibrations through the shaft of your favorite harnessable dildo and offer your lap to your favorite dancer.

Available with special 15% off friends and family discount NOW through March at Use code “Insider” at the checkout page. Support queer woman owned businesses!

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Although I’ve never worn one of these, I’ve been lucky enough to be on the recieving end- But it definitely wasn’t worn how it was intended-

My partner strapped it to the bottom of her boot and had me on all fours below her as she sat elevated above me and fucked me by “kicking” my cunt. It was SERIOUSLY hot and shows how fun and versatile this toy is.

Thanks for the review!


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