Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining Fivestar and photographer Terrence Taylor for a bondage photography shoot in the abandoned Fort Ord in Monterey Bay. Terry was such a pleasure to meet, and I had a fantastic time exploring rope. Truth be told, rope bondage is still a very new sensation for me. I had a high endorphin moment, which I can only call ‘paradise’. There was a sensation of a hug and a squeeze. It felt out of breath the same way diving down in the ocean feels. It was both cold and very hot, and also got me pretty excited. I’m really into the musculature and dance of being bound and suspended. I’ve always been intrigued by bondage model Madison Young’s work and it was nice to find my own connection to being tied up. And to my beautiful rigger.

Here’s a peek at one of the digital photos from the shoot. I will share more later. I’m also excited to see what qualities come from the aged film Terry used. Many shots that were taken that cold day. The barrack walls are covered in what Terry determined was chocolate pudding, probably left from some kids who obviously had a great time defacing the walls and glass windows of the many buildings on the property. The sound of crunching broken glass from busted light bulbs echoed loudly.