I’ve been a fan of Four Chambers for a long time, mesmerized by their melodic multi-screen attention to textures and mood, and inspired by so many brilliant contributors, including Vex Ashley, Blath, Dwam, Stoya, Nenetl Avril, Amarna Miller, Mickey Mod, Owen Grey, Ingrid Mouth, Daisy Ducati, and dozens more acquaintances, and artists I hope to one day meet. The blend of creativity, chemistry, and collaboration is one that resonates well for me.

Last October while in Germany for the Berlin PornFilmFestival, I was delighted to have a chance to collaborate on a video with co-stars Blath and Valentine (whom you may recognize from our film with Isabel Dresler, WILD LOVERS). The day was spent warming up with one another over brunch, then getting naked and wet in front of the cameras. Cold water, wet sheets, course salt, and lots of kissing. Here’s a teaser.

SPILL Four Chambers Jiz Lee Valentine BlathSPILL

Director: Vex Ashley
Stars: Jiz Lee, Blath, and Valentine

From a background in analog photography, art school bullshit and digital sex online, Four Chambers is a project, an idea and an ongoing collaboration with the intention to explore the aesthetic and conceptual potential of pornography as a medium for ideas… The project remains deliberately ambiguous, rejecting labels for both their films and performers, existing in-between genres of both art and pornography and dismissing the need for a definition of either. Often exploring themes of technology, symbolism, mythology and alchemy and their intrinsic intersection with sex, Four Chambers is independent, DIY, conceptual: magical realism porn.