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If you missed my past post about the layoffs at OurChart, let me catch you up real quick. Basically I was writing sex toy reviews for the site and now am stuck with a BUNCH of unpaid reviews that would have been posted over there. Since it was kind of the toy companies (Babeland and Tantus Silicone) to provide the toys which I now (am lucky to) own, I figure it’s best to honor these reviews by posting them here. I’ll also post them, with links, on the individual blog I have on OurChart, and hopefully this will make everyone happy. Especially those who read the reviews and buy the sexy stuff. Sweet.

This one is for Tantus Silicone’s G-Force, and I’ll enthusiastically add that Tantus is owned by savy smart business queer woman and blogger named Metis so three cheers for a local sex toy company that we can support.

Sex Toy Review: Getting a Grip with the G-Force

Tantus Silicone (www.tantusinc.com) has a reputation for its strong commitment to social justice coupled with a smart line of dildos and plugs. Their recent launch of ‘Toys for Boys’ had me drooling and confessing penis envy if just for the chance to try out their ridiculously hot cock rings. I immediately queered the branding as ‘Toys for BOIS’ and hungrily scanned the sexy new league of non-traditional color choices. While it’s true that all toys are the same color when the lights are off, there are quite a few of us who get off with the lights ON and consider the view an important part of the sexual excitement.

Tantus Silicone Sex Toys G-Force Dildo

Luckily for us, Tantus supplies a satisfying range of colors, including an intoxicating “Wine” purple and a pretty sweet “Candy” pink. My choice was the always sexy Black. Of the many shapes and sizes of Tantus dildos, the G-Force stands out as the only toy with a handle.

Spiral notches and a textured surface make a fantastic non-slip grip. While dildos with flared bases can be held in the palm, those broad edges are hardly ergonomic. A flexible but agile hold means less strain on the elbows and wrists during oral sex. The lengthy handle (10” from tip to grip) goes the extra mile to lend reach for trying out new sex positions and for larger folks those extra inches can really make a difference. If you’re a fan of smaller than average girth, you’ll be pleased with the modest 1.4” diameter. The sweeping curve of the shaft is thin and flexible while the pronounced tip is enough to bump the G-Spot.

Like many G-Spot toys, the sharp angle makes for a versatile toy that works great whether it the sex is vaginal or anal, or the receiver has a g-spot or prostate. It’s equally exciting for folks of all genders and anatomies and makes a great solo or partner toy.

Like all Tantus products, G-Force is made of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone. Because of this high quality material, all Tantus toys are safe (phthalate free, hygienic) and easy to clean –boil it, bleach it, even throw it in the dishwasher… though a thorough cleanse using hot water and anti-bacterial soap should do the job for this non-porous toy. One of the few women-owned businesses, with products hand-made in the USA, Tantus silicone toys are well worth the price and will reward you with a life-time of great performance.

You can order the G-Force at $55.99 from Tantus directly, where you might also want to join their newsletter mailing list (submit your info on their homepage), as they often have tremendous offers on a variety of high quality dildos and other sex toys. They’ve also come out with a fantastic and unique vibrator line called Alumina that is worth a look.

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