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by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

Well, it’s the final season of L Word and whether you’re a fan or your ‘friends’ are and you just sometimes happen to watch it with them (like my straight roommates) I have to admit it’s a little sad to see the show over not so much because of the show itself, but because of the website it spawned.

Yes, I’m actually disappointed about the canceling of the fictional-made-real website I’m confused as to why showtime would scrap (and I mean literally DUMP) an entire site which had formed an online community of queer women from all over the world and tackled difficult questions such as racial tension among queer communities, trans inclusion in all women spaces, and hundreds of feminist and sexuality issues. And those were just in the forums. Writers like Diana Cage, now Velvet Park editor Grace Moon, myself, and many contributors added weekly blog posts to the site and even after OurChart eliminated the positions of countless staff and freelance contributors they could have kept the site’s forums and member profiles going with minimal moderation and ad sponsorship. But nope.

The redirecting site offers visitors a chance to create more user generated content by adding to their wiki or even becoming a friend with a FB profile. uh, thanks…

So, now that my hope of connecting the L-Word population of fans to queer porn and sex-positive toy companies is “cached”, I’ve reposted those sex toy review articles here on this site, and will continue to reach out to queer girl communities through other social networking sites like also has a membership component to their site that allows for profiles, so there are plenty of avenues for queer community and discourse.

Jiz Lee

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Essin' Em

From a marketing stand point, I’m surprised as to why they dumped it during the middle of the final season of the L-word. I mean, at the very least, hold onto it until the show ended, and then do a fancy good-bye or something.

They blew their marketing budget the last two years at Dinah Shore. Can you even imagine how much it costs to have Gobos of “” flashing all over the place at the White Parties? Ridiculous.

Thank goodness there are other spaces at least.


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