photoThis was a solo G-Spot masturbation scene where I got to show off my stuff! (And even then, only about half of the ejaculation footage was used, due to technical issues so maybe some day they’ll rework the footage.) Here’s a cellphone pic of me in a moat of liquid that spilled back along the headboard and into the mattress, despite the crinkly PVC covering that was laid out. Oh well! 

Description: It’s not just the go-to source of G-spot wisdom — it’s a show-and-tell extravaganza about the sometimes-elusive spot (also known as the prostata femina or paraurethral sponge). Complete with information about anatomy and optimal styles of stimulation, you’ll learn about using sex toys, orgasm and ejaculation, and be treated to screen-burning chemistry from real-life couples and erotic performers working with partners of their choosing, showing you exactly how it’s done!