For the last year or so, I’ve been using iPeriod to track my menstruation.

A little about my period… because… why not share? :-)
My period is very light and typically lasts 2-3 days. I’m a pretty active person so the more physical I am, the lighter and shorter my period is. The last five or six years, my period has been so light that I haven’t had to wear anything to contain the blood (although if I were to wear something I’d probably go with the Diva Cup).

Anyhow, the few weeks around my period are a bit low energy for me. I’m usually emotionally drained, and often have a low libido. So it’s helpful for me to track my period when I plan porn shoots so that I can anticipate if I might be bleeding, or at the very least so I can try to avoid PMS.

In addition, it’s helpful to track my sex activities too. I get tested regularly and have more than one partner, so it’s important for me to keep good records. When was my last test date? When is my next one scheduled? Who were my last sexual partners? Even though I practice safer sex, it’s always good information to have on hand. There’s not many sex journal apps out there. so I’ve found it helpful to use iPeriod’s “notes” to journal sexual activities. If you have an iPhone, check it out. It’s free and you can export data too.

Also available on iPad. Snicker…