Jiz does Dallas

by Jiz Lee on / BDSM, Crushes, Queer Porn

Jiz Lee and Dallas Crash Pad Series Queer Dyke Trans FTM pornThis weekend the episode of Me and Dallas goes live on CrashPadSeries.com. Are you excited? I am. Then, next week, the Behind the Scenes goes live as well. Both are available for download for Level 3 Members (the best deal of a membership, in my opinion.

Sign up this month to watch the Episode (and all the previous ones, too!)


Watch the scene and stay tuned for a special contest, where I’ll be giving away some pretty awesome sex toys, courtesy of Babeland. You wont need to have seen the episode to enter the contest, but it’ll be a lot more fun if you do. Stay tuned!

Jiz Lee

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I am sooo excited! I’ve been trying to keep myself from the alluring draw of the pictures so as not to spoil the experience 🙂

And you’ve got me all kinds of curious about this contest . . .


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