Karma Pervs Seeking… Karma Perv-erts!

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Apply within! (heh… you know I couldn’t resist.)

Soliciting donations for my experimental philanthropic porn project has proven to be too time consuming! Because I’m not making income off this — 100% of what comes in is turned around and donated to the benefiting organization — it’s hard for me to find the time to promote the project. This is where YOU come in. *grin*

While you can participate in the fundraiser by being a Karma Perv and signing up, I’m adding a new way to help me support the awesome sex-positive kink and queer-friendly/focused non-profit organizations in my community. Become a Karma Perv-ert! Help me spread the word about Karma Pervs.

Karma Perv-erts is like an online-street team who can help me outreach in a multitude of ways:

  • Tweet about Karma Pervs – follow and RT the Karma Pervs Twitter
  • Talk about Karma Pervs on your Facebook wall (or Fetlife, Myspace, etc!) – Like Karma Pervs Facebook Page
  • Write a blog post about Karma Pervs and the monthly updates
  • Post about Karma Pervs in a forum you frequent
  • Discuss Karma Pervs and other porn fundraisers in class or on panels
  • Donate (good things) from your business (aka Sex Toy Makers/Retailers) that I can give-away to members
  • Create banner art for Karma Pervs (more info on this to come)
  • Post a banner (coming soon)
  • Become an Affiliate of Karma Pervs and blog about it each month
  • Brainstorm other things Karma Perv-erts can do!…

I’d like to thank some Karma Perv-erts already:

Big thank you to the photographers and models who I’ve worked with so far! Including Courtney TroubleTristan CraneNicAmelia Avilés, Anonymous, Jeffer, M. Moser, nakedlenz, Robert Lawrence, Aeric Meredith-Goujon, RoxyDylan Ryan, and many more to come! Thank you to those who have posted about the project, including: Dylan RyanJeffer, Lux Alptraum/Fleshbot.com,Bellavendetta, Thomas Roche/AltPorn.net, Gina DeVries, CarnalNation, Ms. NaughtyDebauched Diva for the Twitter power and Feedback, and Jacq. Thank you Violet Blue for a juicy write-up on TinyNibbles.com! Also, thanks to sex toy stores/makers who have donated gifts for members, including Sugar and VirtuallyAdult/RubyGlass21.

If I’ve forgotten anyone please comment below. If you have ideas or ways you’d like to help please share!

Jiz Lee Karma Pervs

Jiz Lee

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Gina de Vries

Aw, Jiz — again, thank you so much for supporting St. James!
Kinda off-topic, but: Feel free to use my full name in that link, and any time you link me — I’m not blog-nonymous. 😉


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