Ladies Love Lorelei Lee

by Jiz Lee on / BDSM, Queer Porn

I’m a bit late in posting this, but better late than never! If you missed the shoot with Lorelei Lee, and you love LL plus her request to get gang banged by a room of queer ladies, lesbians, dykes, femmes, genderqueers, butches, and an attentive public then, this is the you’ve got to see.

Joined by Dallas Fivestar, Leo, Zhaira, and many hot friends who you may or may not recognize, including one friend who picks Lorelei up over their shoulders to fist (at about the 40:00 mark). I had a very good time fucking her with a strap-on and standing over her to cum on her and then sliding all over her chest and face. I also loved watching it later and catching all the action that was going on behind me, and some great angles and catch phrases. This was my favorite shoot at the armory to date, and I’m afraid it will be hard to top.

Speaking of tops, Princess Donna didn’t hold back in letting Lorelei know how much we all appreciated her. Here are some photos:

Join (which means you can also watch the episode I shot as part of The Collection) or just buy Lorelei Gang-bang shoot only.

Watch the trailer for Lorelei Lee in WiredPussy LIVE IN THE ARMORY

Jiz Lee

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Jiz Lee

Ha! Thanks, though it doesn’t stay on for very long.
It’s DEFINITELY worth watching if you are fans of Dallas and Leo and my hot hot friend who put on quite the show, there were tons of butch/ftm/trans/fag/genderqueers in the crowd which was totally refreshing to see at Kink and Lorelei loved it!


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