My 1st Time at IMsL

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Last weekend I attended IMsL (International Ms Leather) Competition.

The short and sweet of it is as follows – I had a great time, and felt so optimistic about spaces of inclusion and community.

I took a Kicking/Punching class taught by Felice Shays – She was interviewed by Fivestar which you can watch here:

The class warmed me up for a Femme/Boi gangbang scene that was planned for the dungeon later that night. Learning how to kick while wearing stilletos was a big plus, and helped me get into the drag of dressing up girly and beating up on some lucky bois. (I identify as GenderQueer so topping as a femme was new territory for me and really interesting to try out. I think I like it.)

I also had the pleasure of being a demo model for one of Lochai‘s quick ties, and then was suspended by Fivestar in a sideways tie that was amazing. I met a lot of great folks and learned some good tips on rope, too.

The contest itself was entertaining and SO much fun. I had met Lamalani at Folsom Street Fair and watching her compete (and WIN! International Ms Leather 2009) was a real treat. I was blown away by her stage presence, poise, and hilariously choreographed Matrix fantasy.

On Sunday morning I woke up for Brunch and attended Shine Louise Houston’s keynote speech — we sat at a table with some other stars and upcoming stars of Shine’s speech was warm and just as funny as she is, and she even had a charming case of nervous jitters which won everyone over. It was awesome to watch the ASL interpreter sign a bunch of dirty words.

One of my favorite parts of the speech (including her coined catch phrase “Fuck Yeah!”) was how she noted the similarities between the inclusiveness of the BDSM community to such a wide range of sexual expressions, orientations, bodies, backgrounds and experiences – and how this is the same openness of representation which she strives to portray in her films. It tied back to what Lamalani had said in her contestant’s speech about our community — and that as different as we all might be, we do have one thing in common; our sexual deviance. ; )

Jiz Lee

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