Babeland is having a 20% off sale on Waterproof vibes. (See below).
And, funny enough, the image they’re using for this sale sure as hell could be my doppleganger. The model looks so much like me that even I did a double-take when I looked at it and had to think to myself if I had ever done a bathtub shoot. I have, but it’s quite different. (The one on the left is NOT me!)

My doppleganger in the bath Me and my other twin in the bath

The Waterproof sale… if little rubber duckie vibes aren’t really your thing, be glad that the waterproof sale at Babeland’s website is actually much more than meets the eye. I’ll give you three toys that are currently 20% off, which at first glance, definitely caught my attention.

From left to right: a nice-ass butt plug, ASLAN harness and Vixen Dildo (a great combination of good quality toys!), and the Ideal Vibe… which is pretty much the closest you can get to bringing your hitachi magic wand on your next camping trip.

If you like any of these, click the image to learn more at Babeland.

Butt PlugHarness and DildoIdeal Vibe from Babeland