New Bonus Sets added to Karma Pervs

Good karma just got pervy-er! (…Hmmm. That should really be a word.)

I’m very happy to announce that two new bonus sets have been added to my March’s Karma Perv update. There’s SO much happening for March, it’s incredible! Thank you so much to the new folks who signed up — it puts me that much closer at my goal,  loosely set at $300.

Now you get:

1. A red hot photo set taken in the EROS locker room by Courtney Trouble
2. Two fantastic photo sets I shot while in NYC last year by Aeric Meredith-Goujon
3. A chance to win a glass BATON sex toy* from VirtuallyAdult and RubyGlass21.

*If I failed to mention it, this toy is not yet distributed — so you’ll be the first kid on the block to own it!

ALL proceeds go to STOP AIDS Project, an awesome and impacting non-profit organization making positive change in my neighborhood and the greater queer community.

What are you waiting for? Sign up! It’s cheap and really really good! 🙂


Jiz Lee Njoy Eleven Dildo

Jiz Lee

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