FierceKitty invited me to join her Northern Voices panel “A Four Letter Word Called Sex” in Vancouver and suggested that I apply for a Northern Voice travel scholarship because I’d love to attend and as I’m SF based, the travel sponsorship would be the perfect way to be able to get out to Vancouver!

It’s exciting to me that she’s initiated this panel and I’m honored to participate because I hold a unique perspective, exploring sex in a very public and visible way. The pornography I do is unique in that it is an extension of my genders and sexual orientations; it is healthy and expresses my sexuality while representing others’. Throughout this journey of sex, media and art, I’ve maintained regular posts sharing and archiving my experiences — something that has fueled new projects and relationships, including being recognized at the mainstream/LA circuit. As a genderqueer artist who is indie-minded and non-profit raised, I straddle experiences between worlds of porn economics and identity politics. I don’t believe these opportunities would have existed had it not been for the internet, where the personal is political, and digital.