One Hundred Pushups

After hearing friends chart their progress on, I finally caved in and am taking the test. I hope to be able to do 100 by New Years. Not sure if that’s enough time but we’ll see how close I get.

The initial test is pretty intimidating, with large leaps in ability. For example, Week one for someone under 40 years olds is being able to do between 1-5 pushups. Week 5 is between 50 and 99. Also the style of pushups ranges greatly; they count wall pushups as equally as standard elbow tucked military style pushups.

I did 30 regular elbows a comfortable distance out. I had to stop at 30 because they were getting pretty sloppy, but if my life depended on it, I could probably get to 50 really god awful ones. Ha. Well, those 30 put me out of breath and slightly trembling but I’m happy to say that it placed me at week 4. The question is, will I be able to complete the week for workout alright? We’ll see tomorrow.

Want to do them with me?