Overview of Kink.com — and a hot gay Asian American Top

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I’m so excited about the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s story about Kink.com. So excited that I’m barely done reading the article before I’ve started to type this.

Written by Molly Freedenberg, it provides a great overview of the company, familiarizing readers who aren’t aware of the world-famous porn kingdom (queendom? DommeDom?) as well as sharing it’s most recent news. For example, it’s new site that features men. And one of the men, is an Asian American TOP no less. (I think this is great representation for API men, particularly queer fellas, to have such a powerful Vietnam-born model now on the site.)

San Francisco Guardian Kink.com

Van Darkholme, Peter Acworth, and Princess Donna in the Armory boiler room. Photo by Pat Mazzera

Excerpt from SFBG.com [Read full article]

“Darkholme has his hands full with BoundGods. His immediate goal is to find and train 12 new dommes for the Web site — a tougher feat than might be expected. “Femme dommes can dish it out and can really take it,” he says. “There’s a small percentage of men that can do that.”

So when Kink sets up its demonstration booth at Folsom Street Fair (Sept. 28, www.folsomstreetfair.com), Darkholme will have two purposes: recruiting talent (both people he can train and experts who have something to teach him) and publicizing his new brand.

“I want to say, ‘We’re here, we’re queer, we want to be part of your community!'” he laughs.”

I’m super excited about Folsom, and hopefully I’ll be able to track down Darkholme and share with him my appreciation. Thanks Fivestar for the tip, sent as a comment on my previous posts about Asian American male pornstars (though mainly about straight ones).

Jiz Lee

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That really was a fantastic article, wasn’t it? I get so thrilled every time I hear how they’ve bettered the Armory and the area (much to the shock and disbelief of all the naysayers). Van is awesome- yay hot gay Asian American tops!- and everything I’ve seen from Bound Gods so far is above impressive. You totally need to corner him at Folsom and get an interview for us all!

Oh, and I am sooo excited about Peter’s reality-show style idea. That’d be crazy good!


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