Paisley-covered Dildos

by Jiz Lee on / Gender, Sex, Queer Porn

I was perusing Babeland’s website, and noticed that they had the cover for Superfreak up on their “All Female” category! Huh, that’s cool I guess …and then I noticed the paisleys.

I wonder WHAT could be behind those two cute pink flowers… okay I’ll tell you. It’s a (lavender) silicone cock that’s being licked by Princess Donna and Lorelei Lee. The cock is being warn by another Pink & White star, Shawn, who also has a scene in the film. This photo was taken during a pre-release porn party, and doesn’t relate to any scene from the movie. So it’s strange that it appeared in the cover image. However, this cover was the only one that wasn’t created by Pink & White Productions — it was created by the video distributors. But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that Babeland put paisleys over the (again, lavender) silicone strap-on dildo. I wonder why they chose to hide it… is it because the video is categorized as being “All Female” (verses LGBT, which it’s also categorized — and rightly so)? That’s what it seems like.

I’m not meaning to slam Babeland for being weird and covering up a strap-on with flowers. I’m not even a fan of the box cover. (Which, by the way, is reversible and the other equally bizarre option is me and Shawn and the lucky kitchen sink facet) .

It’s funny to me to market this video to the “All Female” porn buying crowd. I mean, that audience is pretty straight. (So straight they’d apparently be turned off by dildos, even lavender ones.) However what’s also strange is that our “all female” DVD is not really all “female”. I mean, there are genderqueers galore, most notably fresh faced star Guy Handful. (With a name like Guy Handful, you KNOW you’re a gay.) But I guess I see what the draw could be. I mean, lesbo as they are in real life, wickedly attractive stars Princess Donna and Lorelei Lee are mainstream gorgeous. Well, I hope the folks who order the DVD are not repulsed by the Superfreak by Pink & White Productionsuncensored dildo version they’ll get in the mail.

Good thing there’s a new cover in the second distribution: (ah… now that’s much better.)

Shown here is star Madison Young (Rick James’ first victim) at her most seductive. Superfreak is a fun, femme-centric film and I hope more people give it a chance with the new box cover. You can buy Watch it here. …

Get cha freak on,
xo J

Jiz Lee

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I was always puzzled about the Superfreak cover. When I first got the DVD in the mail, I watched it in its entirety wondering where the blowjob on the front cover was in the movie. Finally – my questions have been answered 🙂

I like the second release cover much better.


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