Pole Crush: Bad Azz

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Crushes

I have an addiction to pole dancing videos on YouTube.

Shawn suggested I use this blog as an outlet for my problem. So here’s my most recent Pole Crush: Bad Azz aka Josiah Grant, who as you’ll see, is not only incredibly talented and versatile (and flexible) but also a total sweetheart.

Jiz Lee

3 Replies to “Pole Crush: Bad Azz”


i love him.
i mean, i see pole dancing all the time. but really. honestly.

this is amazing. he is amazing.
i want his back. or at least i want his back dancing in front of me all the time.


i get the pole crush. its been awhile since ive seen her live – jumbos clown room in hollywood but she was always everyone (at least in my groups) fav.

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