Here are some recent projects I’ve created.


How to Come Out Like a Porn Star

Pornography continues to be a taboo subject in our communities, holding a lot of social stigma. Our coming out (or not!) stories are as diverse as the people who work in adult. From porn performers, to the crew behind the camera, to reviewers and fans, I’m collecting stories from the industry and beyond. Combined, the stories are honest look at the fears and courage of porn professionals, and how they’ve communicated their passions with family, friends, co-workers, and the people they love. Read more: How to Come Out Like a Porn Star.


Karma Pervs

What is Karma Pervs? In a nutshell, it’s my experimental philanthropic porn project. Karma Pervs us a membership site I created, one which donates 100% of the proceeds to non-profit organizations and charities in my community which are sex-positive, queer and kink friendly. The updates are unique photosets created by myself and volunteer photographers and models. With the help of friends, I’ve raised over $4100 and have created over 2000 unique erotic images. Find out more about Karma Pervs!


Fisting Day is October 21st 2015

While the act may sound scary to the unfamiliar, the feeling of placing fingers, then sliding an entire hand inside a vagina or anus can be a very beautiful part of sensual sex displaying trust, intimacy, and consent. Though I’ve fisted in the majority of my sex scenes, you wouldn’t know it as a viewer because the act is angled or edited out of DVDs due to censorship by the distributors. It’s one of the few acts on the infamous Cambria List that is still avoided, despite the fact that it is not a illegal activity. In response to time after time of feeling as though our queer sex was censored, director Courtney Trouble and myself decided to create FISTING DAY on October 21st as an online event to celebrate and educate about the pleasures of fisting.¬†Learn more about Fisting Day, and join our fist fight! (2014 marks the 4th¬†annual Fisting Day!)