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There’s a womens’ magazine with an article up right now that is inexcusably cruel. I wont get into the details as I’m sure you’ve all seen it. It is offensive, and happens to be driving incredible traffic. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you will soon as a growing number of blogs and gossip sites are picking up the story (basically re-posting the article in its entirety). While I’m grateful for those commenting on the article and speaking out about it, I also think it’s unfortunate that the article is getting so much attention when so many body-positive websites could use the hits.

I’ve come across a few sites, such as, and know of a number of body-positive porn sites which I’ve listed below. To come up with more, I asked people via Twitter and Facebook what body-positive websites they loved, and here’s a list. Please visit each site, and also feel free to comment and add more websites which treat people of all body types and abilities with respect.

NSFW sites that do not discriminate their models based on body size:
April Flores‘ website aka Fatty D who blogs her reactions and progress in the industry, and her husband Carlos Batts by Kelly Shibari and by Shine Louise Houston/Pink & White Productions by Courtney Trouble by FurryGirl
Good Releasing
And many others — queer porn tends to be as diverse with body shapes, sizes and identities as it is with gender expressions.

Other sites online (may or may not include NSFW content):– @CanadiaJulie – @CanadiaJulie,  @ohbettinadear – @CanadiaJulie – @CanadiaJulie
@vaginapagina – @CanadiaJulie
Sexuality Happens@Shanna Katz – @cand86 – M – Sex positive community where people can get advice, share their experiences, and learn a thing or two from TBK, a bonafide sexgoddess. – Author and educator Gina De Vries – My Unacceptable Body: Fat Acceptance and Commentary. – Lucy D – Tumblr post spanning sex and gender. – Lucy D – The Natural Female Form: we come in all shapes and sizes. we take submissions! send photos of yourself. – Lucy D – A blog about body empowerment and the sexiness of a beautiful natural tummy, no matter what size. – aimed at gay biological-men but covers issues of acceptance, safety, and enhancing ones pleasure based on personal exploration and discovery. – @MollyRen

And a great list from @MissJoeyFoxx – Make/Shift Magazine documents feminisms and issues (@makeshiftmag)
Audacia Ray – Sex positive former sex worker and blogger/educator (@audaciaray) Terrific fat/body positive blog (@awesomefrances) – Enormous photography collective aiming to increase body positivity/fat acceptance. – Encyclopedia of body positive/fat acceptance links, many in art form. Informative and humorous sex-positive blog (@thesexademic) – Pictures of diverse trans people with their experiences and stories.

She also recommended the play Panza Monologues (Latinas talking about how they experience their bodies).

Thank you so much everyone who replied with suggested websites. I am already having a hard time hitting publish because I know I am missing WAY too many websites — please comment with more!

UPDATE: Posts by, Sophia St James, and Gina De Vries.

Jiz Lee

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This is awesome. Here is a link to a feed with a plethora of awesome fat blogs that range from fashion to health and all in between. My blog is probably in the inbetween. When I figure out how to pull the links for some other awesome feeds I’ll leave them here too.


So awesome. I’ll be posting this list everywhere!

I really enjoy and


Thank you so much! This list is fantastic and very necessary.

I’ll do a bit of Shameless SelfPromotion (what the hell) and share you a tumblr I keep called “Zaftig: the case for curves”. It’s based on the homonimous book by Edward St. Paige, and it’s about the ways fat women (of all sizes and shapes) have been portrayed in the art world. There’s plenty of art from past ages, and also some works of contemporary plastic arts, graphic novels, comics, performance, photography and video art stills. All done with a very body-positive ethos. In most cases, the images aren’t done consciously pinpointing at the model’s weight (mere works of nude and erotica, genre paintings, etc.), while others are openly feminist and/or fat activist.

You can check it out here:


Thanks so much for including me in your list of body-positive sites. I really appreciate it.

Jiz Lee

Thank you everyone! Thank you for your links, and encouragement and thank you for being vocal and brave and so important.

In love and positive activism,


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