Queer Electricity

by Jiz Lee on / BDSM, Queer Porn

Syd Blakovich Wired Pussy Queer Pornstar WiredPussy.com is apparently the place to be for fans of Pink & White’s CrashPadSeries.com and films to get an eyeful of their hot stars in hardcore electro play. Run by Princess Donna, the site has featured such performers as Vai, and to your right, you’ll see a guest dom by the name of Syd.

Reaching for credit card…

Jiz Lee

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I’m so glad! I’ve always thought that if Kink would queer things up a little more (in front of the camera, that is, since they do quite well behind it!), they’d be my dream. Any chance of a certain Jiz Lee guest appearance (even with the requisite pussy shaving)?

Jiz Lee

I actually found out that Pussy Shaving is not required… at least for WiredPussy.com. It turns out that all the models on the site happened to be the kind of pornstars who shave their pussies. Other sites on Kink.com like to keep to the mainstream aesthetic… but the way Princess Donna runs it, looks like there might be a chance in the future.

Kink TOTALLY is such a queer-friendly place, with amazing folks who work there. I always fantasized about training jujitsu in secret and then surprising reigning champ Syd Blakovich by kicking her ass. I’m mulling over different Kink.com possibilities… ; )


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