Hi Folks! I’m catching up on blogs now that I’m back in SF. (More on my trip back home later!)

First, a rad sex toy that I wanted to share. I recently wrote a review about the Adjustable Spreader Bar for OurChart, which you can read the complete review of here: “Open Wide and Say Aaaah“. Blogging for OurChart is really fun, however they don’t allow me to link to product in my toy reviews, which means that all you lucky readers on my site get to click on all the links you like. Click away!

Adjustable Spreader Bar from Eden Fantasys and Kink Lab (by JT Stockroom)

The toy came in the mail to me from Eden Fantasys (edenfantasys.com), which I gotta say is suddenly doing a real bang up job representing queers. I remember when I first saw the site, and thought, WOW they have a great website — one where you can search for a dildo by dimensions, colors, materials, etc… — the site is incredible, but it was so… bland. And there were some products that were really iffy, cheap, and not so exciting. But recently, they got with the times! They some fucking awesome toys — and are phasing out the not so great ones, good for them! Eden Fantasys also has some great open-minded bloggers helping the company get on the right foot. They’ve got a ton of reviews and experts for all their products. Naturally, the only thing that would make them perfect would be if they sold Pink & White Productions’ DVDs — so ya’ll go over there and bombard their customer service with requests for queer porn!

Back to sex toys. One of the good products from their site is the adjustable spreader bar, from JT Stockroom’s KinkLab.  Sold with great tips and info at Eden Fantasys. They only have it in silver so if you like the way a black bar matches the red head in your life (sexy model and hospital backdrop not included, ha) you’ll have to go to KinkLab to find it in black. But black and silver tie for both being hot in my book, and silver matches the Eleven. So either way, you’ve got a good color choice.

The spreader was really fun to play with. The adjustable length was perfect, and the eye bolts at either end did their job. The attachment rings that set the bar’s length will slip out if pulled directly, which was a little annoying but actually created a fun obsticle to keep my toy tester a steady captive — I had to make sure her hands were no where near the rings, which meant cuffing her wrists and using rope to secure the bar under her knees. Tying hands above the head also works.

It should be said that sometimes with BDSM projects, it’s easiest to take a kinky trip to your local hardware store, however trying to replicate this toy would be a bit of a leap for folks new to DIY sex toy experiements. It’s pretty affordable for how useful and well-made it is, and is also easy to break down and take on the go.  I had fun lifting the bar with one hand and teasing/abusing her beautiful ass with my free hands. (Yay beautiful asses!) I’m also looking forward to trying new positions, and so I recommend this spreader bar for folks who want to try out a new idea.

(By the way, if you want to see great big beautiful images of the bar, take a look at the adjustable spreader bar at EdenFantasys. I happened to like the image above best, and so the credit for the cute red head goes to KinkLab.com.)