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Last week staff and contributors at were laid off. OC Editor Grace Moon had published a blog post about the decision on however it seems to have been removed. She has also* posted at Velvet Park Magazine, where she now spends her time as Editor in Chief. A few months ealier I had been invited to post [Sex] Toy Reviews as a guest contributor (though frankly I doubt that many of the folks on there knew who I was, LOL.)

*The post was actually reposted from another member; Grace only expressed the statement at Velvetpark; see the comments. Thx Grace! -jl*

As a freelance gig, it was a unique way for me to praise a variety of toys and lend a few sex tips to a pretty large queer/female audience. And despite being limited by omitting the word Sex from the Sex Toy Reviews, and categorizing the blog posts outside of the Sex Blog area — which in many ways was VERY cool because it provided exposure to folks who wouldn’t necessarily have sought out the sex section, many gals on the site shared a lot of opinions and I appreciated both supportive and squeemish comments alike.

Most of the toys (like 99% of them) were provided by I loved the chance to review, though was sad that one of the policies over at OurChart was not to link to the company providing the toy. Personally, I think that’s more of a disservice to the community who would want to know where to find the product, and particularly support other queer-owned businesses. OurChart could have even been a financial affiliate of Babeland and possibly been able to use the proceeds to continue to support their great bloggers and other contributing staff.

While I’m sad to hear the news, and hope the amazing editor I had been working with has more success over at Velvet Park Magazine, I do have to say that I’m releived to be able to post the reviews now with links.

I want to honor the relationships I had to toy providers, and will continue  to post reviews of products from Babeland and Tantus Silicone, and others as they come up. Please note: Sex Toy Reviewing is not something I do all the time, and I really only want to give praise to the toys and manufacturers who deserve it. I write (as best as I can) from a background as a queer who has experience in the porn industry and who also has sex ed training under my belt. Hey that’s a pun. ; ) Okay, now that the contractual agreements with OurChart don’t fall over these toy posts, product reviews will be published first right here on my own blog. Then, I’ll repost them to my profile’s blog over at OC for any readers over there, and maybe link a little here and there on other social networking sites so that the toy providers will get the recognition they deserve.

Next up: Tantus Silicone’s G-Force… coming soon.

Jiz Lee

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grace moon

Hi Jiz,
I’m glad to read your post here. I really appreciated your contributions on OC, despite the few requirements we had regarding what words we were allowed to have on the homepage and the issues with the links.

You do great work and I hope to work with you again in the future.

I would like to clarify your opening paragraph here: I was not given the opportunity to write a final blog on OC, I was notified and fired that Friday there was no time for me to write anything, nor was I asked to post a final blog for OC. Therefore nothing was removed from the site.

My statement was never intended to be posted on OC it was written expressly for Velvetpark.

all best to you

Jiz Lee

Hi Grace!

Oh, thank you for that clarification. I’ll update the post to reflect that note. I can’t remember how I had come across the statement on OC; perhaps it was another member who had posted it and I mistook it in the days following as your post. Good to know it wasn’t that someone had deleted it!!

Thanks again! And looking forward to seeing more of you and Velvetpark.


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