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Jaguar Lux in White at BabelandSome of my favorite toys are ON SALE over at, with the best of 2008 sale. Besides a ton of high quality silicone and non-porous materials that are great for easy cleaning and sharing, this list includes the  Jaguar Lux which I have in white — in fact all the colors are on sale right now for less than $80. Dude. This is the most beautiful comfortable harness I highly recommend it!

“But wait, there’s more.”

There’s also a sale going on over at Good Vibrations for all Safer Sex supplies. Condoms, gloves, dams, and oceans and oceans of lube. It’s all 25% off.

You might have noticed  my favorite safer sex supplies on my Toys page, but I’ll spell them out here as well:
Premium Condoms
are latex lightly lubricated plain-looking condoms that are fantastic to use with toys to keep things clean. They fit well over a hitachi as well.
Trojan Supra Non-latex Condoms are great for those allergic to latex condoms. They don’t stretch as well, and are a little more pricey, but heck.
Nitrile Black Dragon Gloves (this link goes to Babeland cause GV doesn’t carry them)
these gloves are SO SEXY. Black = hawt. Not 25% off but totally worth it.
System JO Silicone Lube
Silicone lube is waterproof! It’s perfect for bath/shower sex (remember that a little goes a long way). It’s also great for marathon fucking because it doesn’t get absorbed by the skin like water-based lubes do. It’s silky and I have to admit the packaging is hot to boot.
Please Gel Lube I like to use a thick water-based lube for sex, particularly fisting. This brand is pretty easy on the delicate pH balance of the vagina.

Sex factoid.

Vaginas have a pH balance. True! pH refers to a measurement of acidity or alkalinity — and this is all regulated by secretions that are produced by the vaginal walls.  The pH scale ranges from 0-14, with 7 being neutral for obvious reasons. The average (because we’re all different, even throughout different times in our lives) level for a healthy vagina is between 4 and 5 — that’s leaning on the acidic range. Why acidic? It’s because of lactic acid, which is produced by the natural bacterias that live in the vagina to create a barrier against infection and irritation. If that pH balance shifts, the natural defense is weakened and thus vaginas are prone to other bacteria, which is when yeast infections or BV (bacterial vaginosis) occurs. Other symptoms are discharge, itching, change in odor or taste, etc… Which is why putting GOOD lube up there is important.

I haven’t added it to my Toys list yet, but one of the most sensitive lubes out there is Pleasureglide. Once you find a lube that works good for your body, stick with it and support the sources that carry it! : )

Jiz Lee

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