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by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

I just got word that Babeland is having a 20-25% off sale this weekend. For 20% discount, use code SUMMER20. For 25%, read more about the optional food drive participation, which you can do online if you’re not near one of their stores.

So if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to cruise some queer films and buy that toy you’ve had your eye on, now’s a good time to save. Want some recommendations? Here’s my Lust List:

Harnesses are pricey, but good ones will last a long time and if they fit well and do the trick, you’ll get your money’s worth.
White Jaguar Lux Harness (and Red/Black) – Jaguar Lux is my favorite hot harness, and besides white it also comes in red and black.
Commando Harness – I was lucky to take this harness home from my shoot with TAXI (juicyPINKbox). It’s pretty hot and has the same two-strap style that I like because it allows for crotch access.
SpareParts Harness – This harness is SO comfortable. It really has a jock-strap look and feel.

Mia Vibrator – I know more than a few folks who fell in love with LELO’s Mia USB-Chargeable Vibrator, and the Pink is also on sale for a great deal.
Hitachi Magic Wand – If the Mia is too light, try this wand for size. This is the toy that doesn’t get put away.
Pure Wand – A fantastic metal dildo with a strong curve and two sized-ends. This toy is quickly becoming a must-have.
Eleven – If you’re gonna take advantage of a sale, why not do it with the Eleven? A seriously fun toy.
Vixen Creations’ dildos – Vixen makes the best dildos around, and their Vixskin line is incredible.

Take a look at my Film page and scan for the ♥ Babeland link to see which Babeland carries. Other recommendations I like are:
Trans Entities – Friends of mine in an intimate film about their kinky gender-variant poly lives. (How often do you get to see something like this?)
Behind the Green Door – Classic porn cinema, and the inspiration of a new No Fauxxx film to be released later this year.

The kind of stores we want to support, like Babeland, tend to have site-wide sales like these only every so often…  so if you can take advantage of the deals, jump on it!

Jiz Lee

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Thanks for posting about the sale – sad I missed you in New York. Sounds like you had a great time, though! Maybe I’ll catch you in October.


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