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Not too long ago, Babeland gave me a sex toy, the Eleven Dildo by njoy, and I brought it on set with me to shoot with Dylan Ryan for an episode on I surprised Dylan with it and had a blast. The Eleven’s cameo made it up on Fleshbot, which is awesome because it’s a fantastic toy and it deserves the attention. Now there’s another sex toy ready for it’s close-up. The Randy Dildo made by Vixen Creations came to my house and I was eager to try it out — both on my own and in front of the camera. No surprise for this size queen: it’s about damn near perfect.

For me, the Randy had a number of qualities that I LOVE in a cock.
It’s wide, both in the shaft and the head, which at 2 1/5″ wide¬† is about the size of an average smallish fist pre-entrance — just before the knuckles. Which to me, is one of the most pleasurable moments of fisting. The Randy puts that girth into a smooth and harnessable toy.

Unlike a fist or long dildos, the Randy is a short 6″ long, with a flared base. For me this is great because it means the dildo can enter me without putting too much pressure on my cervix, which I usually find uncomfortable. Now, I do know some people really like that pressure, so for them they would probably prefer a longer toy, like the Outlaw (8 1/2″ x 2″ wide), or a firmer silicone toy like the Rodeo Rick (7″ x 2″ wide). And though it’s not harnessable, the firmest 2″ wide dildo on the market is the Eleven (11″ x 2″). If you’re looking for rock solid I leave you with those suggestions for hard-hitting, cervix pounding action.

This Randy is a very sturdy solid silicone toy. Silicone is easily cleaned; some people prefer rinsing toys with a 10% bleach solution or putting them in the dishwasher, though I use a combination of condoms, dick stew (5 minutes in boiling water) or a wash with anti-bacterial soap, depending on the situation. I generally do not use silicone lube on my silicone toys though I have heard that any silicone toy made within the last 5 years is likely to be a higher quality silicone blend that will not be effected by silicone lubes. However, I’d rather not take the chance so I stick with a natural liquid lubricant or a thicker gel lube like Maximus.

I’m a fan of girth — a widening pressure — particularly around the opening of my cunt, so for this reason the length is great because the dildo can keep pushing deeper against the area around my opening. There are a lot of sensations that feel great along the outside near my ass and cunt, places that I have found out I love to have lightly punched.

I love having those outside areas hit, and discovered that with the Randy feels good inside my cunt where the base of the dildo itself can be punched directly. The action of swiftly pushing the base pushes the dildo deeper into me, and also causes that part of the dildo to push along the outsides of my cunt. It feels so good, that rapid jabs cause me to orgasm and push the dildo out while ejaculating. I discovered this on the set of Belladonna‘s upcoming queer porn “Strapped Dykes” (part of a “Queer Porn” series she is creating)! It was during a three-way with Syd Blakovich, Sinn Sage, and myself, and I came each of the three times that we did this. Keep your eyes peeled for Randy in “Strapped Dykes” coming soon.

BTW, if the Randy looks familiar to you, it’s not the first time it’s made a porno appearance. I first met the dildo two years ago on the set of The Wild Search, in my three-way scene with co-stars Wil Thruswel and Papi Coxxx… what’s up with the Randy and three-ways, huh? Maybe the Randy is lucky like that. Wil was wearing a purple version of the toy, and Papi and I partnered on a blowjob for him.

Purple lovers can find their color of choice for the solid version at Vixen Creations who also make a version of Randy in their unique Vixskin Silicone blend for a more squeezable feel. At Babeland, where you can watch Rachel swig back a cold one and compare it to the dildo’s satisfying qualities, the Randy comes in black. Lucky me, because black is my favorite color. And thanks to Babeland, Randy is one of my favorite on-screen/off-screen sex toys.

Jiz Lee

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It was awesome reading this post as my friends sometimes refer to me as the randy. :”)

I’m going to have to check out the outlaw sounds kinda fun.

I can’t wait to see strapped dykes I wasn’t going to get it but after seeing behind the scenes I have to see it.

Jiz Lee


Oh yea, the Randy is where it’s at! (LOVE that your friends named you after it! Ha!)
The Outlaw is just as wide, but made from the duo density silicone so it’s a bit squishier (but still firm underneath). Also it’s quite longer. Personally, I like the Randy because it’s shorter — the Outlaw can sometimes stab bc it’s so long! Course if you like that or also want a harnessed cock that is long enough that it wont pop out then the outlaw is where it’s at, plus balls. Haha!

I’m so glad you like the trailer! I’ve been floating ever since it was released! : )


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