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Goodfella realistic silicone dildoI was just watching the hot and hilarious 1 year anniversary video posted on, and was reminded of a fun dildo that made an appearance in the scene with Shawn, Micah Riot and myself.

As folks who work in the sex toy industry, we occasionally find ourselves with extra dildos and other toys to try out. I know, it’s horrible. One of the first scenes I did with Pink & White I wore a leather harness from Outlaw Leather. Because leather is porous and we’re all concerned about keeping ones’ germs to oneself, I got to keep it. BONUS!

Toys in porn is how I met GoodFella. Before the three-way shoot began, Micah picked it out of the box with an excited “That one!”. Choosing toys is part of the gig; it’s important to pick the size that’s right for you. I took a look at it — at the time it had *just* been released by Vixen Creations. Like all of their Vixskin line, which are about the ONLY kind of silicone dildo I own because they’re just that good, the GoodFella is pretty amazing. For one thing, there’s the neat carved-out base where the harness O-ring holds the dildo — if you saw the Behind the Scenes for that episode you’ll notice that it was a little tricky for someone not used to a new dildo and it’s parts. : )

 Speaking of parts, the other thing amazing about this toy is that the balls have GOT to be the softest I’ve ever felt on a sex toy. I think they’re made with a seperate consistancy of silicone. I don’t know how Vixen does it. I just know it’s really really cool. Especially for folks who like the slapping of balls, which this toy does in doggy style.  I think it’s worth the price.

 If you’re interested in buying it, do it through this link. Not only will portions be supporting me and the great women-owned sex toy store Babeland (one of the few in the world) but you’ll also be buying a sweet ass toy!

Yes!!! I want to buy one of the best realistic silicone ball-slapping dildos, ever.


No, I’d rather watch real balls being slapped.

Jiz Lee

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those game shows are just fucking awesome.

That dildo Looked kinda small on film might make a good butt toy for me..

I’m a bit of size queen. :”)

Jiz Lee

Yey size queen!

I love Vixskin as butt dildos, because they’re squishy on the outside and firm on the inside. I think that makes for good ass tapping. heheh.

Actually, a variety of toys is nice. I like to play with super small dildos sometimes, particularly when role-playing, because it mixes it up a bit. And then you can always jump in with a big wide toy. ; )

I hope the company (Vixen Creations) starts playing around with adding balls like this to their other toys. That’d be a fun job, wouldn’t it? Playing with silicone balls.


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