Sex Toy Review: Open wide and say “Aaaah” for the Adjustable Spreader Bar

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

This sex toy review was published on around September 12th 2008, before the website dumped their content. I have reposted it here out of respect for the companies which donated their product, in this case: – JL

Buying a new sex toy can open you up to a whole new experience. The Adjustable Spreader Bar from KinkLab is flexible, sturdy, and affordable – a perfect setting for experimental play.

A spreader bar is a long straight bar with eye bolts or other areas for attachment where parts of the legs (ankles, thighs) can be fastened. The long length of the bar prevents the person attached to it from closing their legs. It’s a great toy for tops to tease and torture their pleasure-seeking bottoms.

Spreader Bars can have a range of areas for attachment (say, if you wanted to also attach wrists to the bar, etc…). The Adjustable Spreader Bar has two wide eye bolts at each end, and a long line of holes where metal pins slide in to lock the length, ranging from very narrow at it’s shortest about 25”, to a very accommodating over three-foot wide stance (37”). With a set of holes every 2”, the bar is adjusts to accommodate almost any need.

When tightened, the eye bolts are well suited for ankle cuffs (or hand cuffs if the person’s ankles are thin). If you don’t have a pair of cuffs at your disposal, you could use bondage rope or even get creative with a pair of shoestrings or 2 thin neckties.

You can attach the bar to their ankles, or attach their knees to the bar with rope for a wider stance. They can be on their back, or flipped over on their stomach or bent over on their knees with their chest on the bed. Some ideas for what to do once you’ve got your partner spread for you include: giving their sensitive inner thighs a lot of attention – tickling, stroking, nibbling, scratching, slapping, pinching, dripping hot wax upon, massaging, kissing, etc…

A quick safety note: If using rope or other material to tie, keep a pair of safety-scissors close by in case you need a quick cut away. A good solid knot is easy to learn — read up on knots and quick release ties if you’re not familiar with the basics.

Talking about ties, what do you do if your captive needs more restraint? For extra bratty, wiggly bottoms who like to squirm around, you’ll probably need to tie up their hands up over their head far from reach. The two attachment rings of the adjustable bar are tempting to use to attach hands to, however they slip out easily if pulled. Unless you can think of a clever way to face the pins in opposition to each other and tie them off so they can’t slip, go a different route: attach their hands to the sides of their legs, or tie to the ankle cuffs being careful not to let their wiggling fingers get too close to the buckle of their ankles otherwise they’ll be able to undo their buckles! You could also slip a tight sock over each hand to add a little extra struggle for the ones who like to challenge their restraints.

Grab hold of the bar and lift it high over head to lift up their hips and get at their back side, or if their hands are secured to the bed post behind their head, hold fast to the bar and hop up on them reverse-cowgirl style to tease them by posturing your ass in their face as they strain to reach you with their tongue. You can continue teasing them, or 69ing them, or basically having your way with them as they writhe in joy.

The Adjustable Spreader Bar is available in silver or black, and breaks down into three short parts for easy travel, adding creative juice to a hot playful night that helps your teasing/torture session pass the bar.

Jiz Lee

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