Sex Toy Review: Restraints 101 – Under The Bed Restraints make your bedroom the classroom.

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This sex toy review was published on around October 15th 2008, before the website dumped their content. I have reposted it here out of respect for the companies which donated their product, in this case: – JL

Test your positions with this piece of cake bondage kit for beginners.

If the thought of being tied up with rope makes you weary, but you’ve always been a little curious about being handcuffed, you might just be the perfect student for the ‘Under the Bed Restraint System’ from Sportsheets, a company that has some great non-leather products and their mission centers around the idea of couples having fun with each other in the bedroom. There are millions of reasons why people like having safe, consensual (and really hot) sex with restraints.

Ponder this: Do you like to dig your heels deep into the mattress during sex, flexing your thighs and ass when you come? Well, whether you know it or not, you’re engaging the deeper muscles of your pelvic floor in an intense ‘isometric’ action that leads to a deeper “full bodied” orgasm. Oh yeah! Now, imagine how much more you could work those sex muscles if you had a strap to push or pull against! Think of restraints as a bedroom toy that shows you new ways to position your body during sex, often with amazing results. It’s like sexual Pilates!

Restraint toys are great because they free us up to experiment with new positions and fantasies. Sometimes you want to tease your lover. Sometimes you want to rock the bed with your love. Super affordable, Under the Bed is one of the best beginner restraint toys on the market. It’s well made and a low commitment. Easy to set up and use in under 5 minutes: an adjustable strap slides under mattress. Lift up your mattress on one end and stuff an end of the strap in the middle, lift up the other end and place the other end of the strap underneath. Center it from both ends with a little tug and you’re done. Really, it’s even easier than it sounds. Best part is that it’s stealth to tuck in when you have to hide it from visiting family members. It’s also portable; shove it in a backpack for overnight parties at your lovers’ house.

If you’ve ever lamented about not having any bed posts, Under the Bed is definitely for you. It fits any bed size, and each of the four nylon straps expand to a max of 60” long. The four cuffs (did I mention how comfortable they are?) are made with a heavy-duty nylon strap and Velcro closure to fit any wrist or ankle. They’re even fun to use in different creative combinations – you can link them together end-to-end by attaching the Velcro in a chain – they’ll fit around chests with this configuration. Strap them to a thigh or tease your lover by binding their legs together. Each cuff has an O-ring as well as a snap hook so you can clip all the cuffs together. The possibilities are endless.

Take a risk, try something new, learn a trick, and have fun with Under the Bed Restraints.
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